The Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Language is proud to announce the World Languages Teacher of the Year competition.  The recipient will receive a gift, a personalized award, and will be recognized at a “Teacher of the Year” Celebration.



The award has been developed to honor the field of language teaching in the Washington, D.C. area. It also offers opportunities to increase the visibility of the importance of learning languages and cultures.





The World Languages Teacher of the Year process begins with the submission of the requirements for Phase I.  GWATFL encourages broad participation and will review sufficient evidence from candidates of their teaching accomplishments and ability to represent the language profession.



Nominee Requirements for GWATFL World Languages Teacher of the Year


1.  Must have attended at least once GWATFL Conference in the years 2017-2018.

2.    The recipient must be willing to meet all of the criteria and to fulfill all of the duties described throughout this document.  

_____        Be a full-time language teacher employed by a Washington, D.C. area school who spends at least 50% of his or her time in direct teaching during the year of application with an expectation of teaching in the Washington, D.C. area for at least two additional years.


3.        The nominee must submit the following:

_____        One page letter of recommendation from a supervisor

_____        One page letter of recommendation from a current student

_____        One page letter of recommendation from a current or former parent

_____        Curriculum vitae of no more than five pages in length

_____        500-word first-person statement on the value of learning a language and developing cultural competence for all learners

Submission Procedures


1.    Nominees will submit the required documents as stated in the Nominee Requirements by December 1, 2018.


PO Box 226

Laurel, MD 20725-0226

  Nominees failing to meet the deadlines or requirements will be disqualified — documents must be RECEIVED by December 1, 2018.

2.    Three semi-finalists will be notified by December 5 , 2018 and will be required to submit a final video requirement.

3.    The winner will then be announced in December, and will be formally recognized at  GWATFL Spring event.