Job Description: Tea Barista & Connoisseur


Mondaes is looking for Tea Bar Servers who are passionate about loose-leaf fair-wage teas, their health benefits, and the impact this sourcing has on the worldwide tea economy. Tea Baristas serve clients from behind the bar, on the sales floor and in the ceramic painting studio. A basic knowledge and appreciation for loose-leaf teas is preferred, with an emphasis on a server’s ability to learn about new teas and communicate their benefits to clients.


- Mondaes Barista positions require excellent people skills, humility and discernment, and a love for learning new things. Baristas must be attentive to clients, be able to move quickly from the bar to bus tables, and be able to speak confidently when offering menu items.  Basic knowledge of Ipad operation, counting a till and tips, dating of perishable food items and food-service cleanliness are all preferred skills. Mastery of this position is prerequisite to higher positions.

-This position demands the ability to stand for most of a 4-7 hour shift, hustle at times for parties/events, and the ability to lift 20-30 lbs on occasion. Tea Bar Servers are given basic sales-floor tasks if not needed to serve tea on a shift. Attire is business casual with room for individuality while modesty and mobility are prioritized.

-Team members who take ownership of their client base will influence Mondaes buying choices, ultimately the U.S. and fair wage art supply markets, and will have a lot more fun at work. At no time is there nothing to do - Mondaes Makerspace Team is made up of Creatives with drive and self-direction that improve their workspace, no matter what position.

Time Frame: Day shifts are 10am-6pm on Mon., 10am-4pm on Tues - Sat. Evening shifts are 4-10 pm, Tues-Sat. Baristas are required to work at least 4 shifts a week, with preference given to employees who can work up to 5. Mondaes offers a high level of flexibility and multiple time-off requests.

Pay: DOE. $.50 raises 2 x per year minimum when job requirements are met.

Begins: Once hired. Training is paid and lasts between 2-4 weeks depending on position. Evaluation at 2-4 weeks by trainee and staff is required to continue employment.

Reviews: Quarterly personal reviews with management provided in order to assess performance, job position/description fit, and changes to the job description or tasks. Raises offered during reviews if merited.

Pay Periods: Biweekly.

Team Meetings: Weekly via Zoom, full staff, bi-weekly personal meetings if requested, paid and mandatory unless excused 2 days in advance.