Danbury Elementary School’s Summer Home Reading Program 2019

Dear Parents (Guardians),  

Thank you for your involvement in your child’s growth as a young reader and writer.  All of your efforts to support them this year were crucial and beneficial, and we would like to thank you!  Our Danbury children are strong readers and writers, and it is a joy to see their development daily!

As summer quickly approaches, we are asking that you continue your involvement with their growth into not only well versed literate souls, but well-rounded individuals.  The theme for summer reading in Ohio this year is A Universe of Stories.  Libraries and schools all over the state will be incorporating this theme.  Ida Rupp, our local library will be participating as well.  As always whatever reading your child does with the local library can also be used with our school’s program.  There are links to other reading programs, such as Scholastic.  These may all be used toward our school’s summer reading program.

When children read throughout the summer, they become better readers and better learners. Summer reading helps children keep and improve the reading skills they have developed during the school year.

Research tells us that when students don’t read for two months their skills regress.  Reading is a skill, which requires practice, just like sports or math facts.  Summer reading helps students of all ages keep their skills sharp so they are ready when school begins again in the fall. Reading throughout the summer not only enhances basic reading skills of young students, it creates unique opportunities for learning, exploring, and growing.  

 The Danbury School District realizes that reading is an essential skill that serves to enrich students’ lives and help them to be successful in school.  Our summer reading and writing program offers your students a wonderful means of encouraging literacy, to relax and read for pleasure, and to continue their love of learning.


Mrs. Heidi Oglesbee

Title 1 Reading Teacher