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The Chimes—Web Producer Job Description
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Web Producer / / THE CHIMES

Basic Function and Responsibility:

The Chimes Web Producer is responsible for the development and promotion of the Chimes’ website. The Web Producer is responsible both for setting a broad vision for the Chimes’ online presence, as well as handling the details to make their vision come to fruition. In addition to managing its interaction with the print edition, the Web Producer coordinates a daily mix of multimedia and interactive elements that establish the Chimes website as its own publication with unique offerings to an online audience. They also keep up with the latest in the world of online journalism in order to implement the most effective, cutting-edge strategies.

The ideal candidate is a tech-comfortable student who is well-connected and curious about everything that happens on campus; someone with tremendous initiative and commitment to get content out, despite personal inconvenience; and an excellent team player who stays in communication with the rest of the staff at all times. They also have, ideally, some experience in web design, coding and social media.


  1. Oversee daily updates to The Chimes Newspaper website.

  1. Coordinate unique content for the website that complements print coverage as well as look for breaking stories that occur both on and off campus throughout the week. Work closely with the news editors to ensure stories are covered well and in a timely fashion.

  1. Be available to post event briefs in a timely fashion, including sporting events on the weekends.

  1. Work closely with content editors to ensure that their daily deadlines are being met, and that their stories appear online as soon as possible. Help them educate their writers on web publication and enforce requirements for online elements to their stories.

  1. Manage and edit special content including blogs and coverage of events and conferences. Communicate with Chimes photographers and Chimes videographers to obtain photographs and videos related to news stories and post online.

  1. Use Twitter and Facebook effectively to promote stories and spread breaking news alerts.

  1. Be able to write news-related stories in a professional manner if and when called upon. Serve as another set of eyes in copy-editing all stories as they are posted online.

  1. Coordinate advertising campaigns for the Chimes on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to raise awareness of the publication and manage the image.

  1. Attend weekly budget meetings with the rest of the staff, coordinating web coverage.

  1. Train a web apprentice in spring for 10+ hours a week.

Supervision received: Chimes Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor

Supervision of others: Bloggers


General: Demonstrate a working knowledge of AP style. Savvy with computer programs including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Hootsuite and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Possess strong editing, grammar and writing skills. Demonstrate the ability to supervise a team and provide constructive criticism in a helpful and appropriate manner. Have a flexible attitude. Be invested in the work and vision of the Chimes. Show good interpersonal skills and excellent communication. Be able to manage a staff. Posses an attention to details that allows for the execution of a broad vision.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, must attend or accepted to Biola as a full-time student. Prior experience working with newspapers, yearbook, magazines or prior work, class experience, or journalism is preferable.