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[LOCAL] 23 year old bay area man arrested for alleged ISIS plot

Duck Season, Flu Season, whatever, just don’t get vaccinated!

Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Dave Seaman is suing Google for kicking him off YouTube I guess? Oh and also...

This is a lovely holiday song!

New Christmas song with a great message! 

Trump’s new ad is really dumb

Louie Gohmert on family separation

Stephen Miller goes a bit po-po-po-potato

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) vs Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) on emergency meeting on the night of the shutdown about cheese, as narrated by our Patron Saint Sister Subaru

What’s the opposite of a pallet cleanser?

Stefan Molyneux on what he learned from a recent trip to Poland

Crazy Old Uncle Pat seems almost normal these days, but here he is talking about Trump and Syria

[RED LIGHT] Leaked Scientology video. Cray.

[RED LIGHT] Andy Nolch is probably going to get re-fired on this week’s live show

[RED LIGHT] Members of the intellectual derp web are leaving patreon and Jordan Peterson claims he’ll have an alternative launched in the coming weeks, maybe by Christmas. Right.