Elephant Scale Course Writing Capabilities

Today, many companies want to create their own training content, in their own format. We at Elephant Scale are experts at this.

We created all of our own content, listed here, which we use regularly for training, and receive very good feedback.

For many demanding clients, we have come up with the customized content that left them satisfied.

And, multiple clients have hired us to write their content, in their format. We have created slide presentations, recordings, and we have written books.

More information:

  1. Hadoop illuminated - a Big Data and Hadoop primer
  2. HBase Design Patterns - How to use the popular NoSQL store on Hadoop
  3. Data Analytics With Spark and Hadoop - O'Reilly Media published video course
  4. Guide to Big Data Applications (chapter 10 on Oil&Gas) - Springer, 2017.