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Matt Beard Art  Plein Air Documentation                                              


Size: 16” x 12”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  

Date Painted: 9-12-17


Base Price: $1 per sq. in.

Field Notes:

Passing clouds cast shadows of doubt across the rolling hills. Would it rain? Would it hold out? Would the wind come up and blow it all away? The short trail up was full of the oddest switchbacks you’ll ever see. Paved path 50 yards to the left, then 50 yards to the right, to gain a mere 10 feet with each run of the gauntlet. A bench with a view at every right turn. 5 or 6 of them, one above the other stacked up the hillside- ornaments for the Mother of All Switchbacks paved in all her bituminous glory. Hikers, joggers, headphones blaring, baby strollers zipping this way that way, a choreography of life unfolding up and down this hill. Metaphor on metaphor coming on strong, hitching rides on the passing shadows. Halfway up the hill, maybe on the third bench she sat. Unstable. Speaking to the unhearing ears, drowned out by fitness podcasts, she trailed off her sentences with laughter, but void of joy as each one passed. I too had to pass her by, my back burdened with gear and blank canvas, nothing to offer at this time but a piece of my silent heart. She is somebody’s daughter. She locked eyes as I approached. “In five years this could be you…” and she awaited my response as she reverted to her unsettling laughter. “I hear you” was my unthinking reply, and my mind continued “could be me in 5 days” as my own heart laughed at the thought of just how close we all walk that line even on a good day. I hope the shadows pass her by.



Distance from Humboldt: $15 per county


Overnight Travel Required: $75

Sleeping in Van Required: $50

Tricky Urban Van Camping Required: $25


Paid Parking: Cost of Parking

Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: $50

Parking Ticket Incurred: Cost of Ticket

Private Land: $50

Posted No Trespassing: $100

Harassed by Authorities and/or Told to Leave: $150

Citation Incurred:  Cost of Citation

Fence/Gate Hopping: $50

Barbed Wire: $50

Blood: $50


Hauling Gear on Foot: $25 per mile

Off Trail Wilderness Tromping Required: $15

Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: $25

Full On Bushwhacking: $75


Poison Oak Observed: $15

Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: $25 each

Tick Bites: $150 each

Bee/Wasp/Insect Stings: $25

Wind Speed: $10 per mile per hour over 10mph


Lack of Shade: $50

Heat/Cold: $5 per degree over 70/ under 50

Excessive Public Conversations/Distractions: ranges from $25-$150



Able to Paint View from Back of Van: Subtract $50

Private Land With Permission (Your Land):  Subtract $250

Cold Beer and/or Snacks Delivered During or After Paint Session: Subtract $50

Fun Surf at Location Before or After Painting: Subtract $50

Room and Board for 1 week during a paint tour of your area: Subtract Everything!



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