What’s new with Solutions for Your Life?

Welcome to the new Solutions for Your Life website!

If you’re long-time visitor to Solutions for Your Life, you may have seen our new look and wondered, “Where did everything go?” Rest assured – all the up-to-date, research-based information you found on Solutions for Your Life before is still there, and more. However, in order to handle the huge number of resources we have available, the way you find things is a bit different.

Finding the Answers You Need

Most users will want to go straight to the search field, which we’ve put front and center over the sliding photos on our main site. Simply type in the question you need answered, either as a full question or a few keywords, and press Go. This will take you to a list of search results.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the search results, check the tabs at the top of the search results page.

The default displays UF/IFAS Extension/Solutions For Your Life web pages, which may either answer your question or point to resources that can help.

If you click on the tab for ALL, the search results will include resources like our Electronic Data Information Source, blog articles and other UF/IFAS web pages.

And if you want to talk with an expert, click on the tab for UF/IFAS Experts. This will bring up a list of faculty with expertise in the area you’re searching, who you can contact by email or phone.

Browsing for Information About UF/IFAS

To learn more about UF/IFAS Extension – who we are, where we’re located, our educational programs and more – go to the blue band at the top of the page. To the right you’ll see three horizontal lines and the word MENU. Clicking on this icon will bring up the main navigation menu and resources about UF/IFAS Extension.

Finding Your Local Extension Office

From the menu, find and click on Find Your Local Office.

You can search for your county’s Extension office by using the map (click the star in your home county to get contact information and a link to the county web page).

You can also go directly to your local page by scrolling down to the list of counties, which are arranged by the part of the state you’re in.

Your Local Extension Page

On your local SFYL page, you can find information about your county’s UF/IFAS Extension office, including contact information, hours and a calendar of local events.

If you search for information on your local page, the search results will default to a list of blog articles and web pages relevant to your county. To see more search results, click on the tabs for ALL or UF/IFASExtension/Solutions for Your Life.

Back to the Main Website: Finding an Expert

You can contact one of our faculty experts by searching with Find an Expert, located on the bottom corner of the main website.

Keeping Up on the News

The home pages of Solutions for Your Life and each county site feature current and trending articles about hot-topic issues from Blogs.IFAS (blogs.ifas.ufl.edu). On the main site, these are displayed under the headline What’s Impacting Florida in the middle of the page, and they will be regularly updated.

You can customize these articles by going to the Sort by Your Interest drop-down menu to the right. Want to keep up on the latest ag news? Select Agriculture. More interested in garden issues? Select Home Landscapes. The articles should default to your area of interest on subsequent visits until you want to change them.

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Finally, if you want to stay up-to-date on issues concerning Agriculture, Home Landscapes, Natural Resources, Work & Life, 4-H & Youth, or any other topic, sign up to receive our newsletter. Simply type in your email address and create a profile that tells us what topics you’re interested in hearing about.

Explore and Ask for More

There are many other features on the new Solutions for Your Life website. Try it out – if there’s anything you can’t find, email us at sfyl@ifas.ufl.edu.