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Purchasing and Nutritional Quality Guidelines- updated Feb. 2018
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Purchasing and Nutritional Quality Guidelines

For the Brattleboro Town School District

The Brattleboro Town School District will follow the USDA requirements to serve meals that meet the criteria for reimbursement.

Minimum USDA requirements for quality include USDA Grade A for dairy, poultry, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, and milk. Seafood is only required to be government inspected and baked products are only required to have a manufacturer’s date.

Minimum USDA requirements for nutritional value include that all grains be whole grain rich, that 1% fat or lower milk be offered, that the average weekly total fat content of meals is less than 30% (10% saturated fat, 0% trans fats), and that targets for sodium and calorie consumption are met.

In addition to the USDA nutrition and quality guidelines Brattleboro Town School District has the following goals:

To achieve the goals of the Brattleboro Town School District, Café Services and the leadership of the Brattleboro Town School District establish the following specifications over and above the minimum quality and nutritional specifications included in USDA National School Lunch Program regulation:



Dairy Products

Grain Products

Poultry Products

Seafood Products

Cooking Oils

Peanut Butter, Nuts and Seeds


USDA Donated Foods (Commodities)