Friday was Shelly Miscavige’s birthday. But where she at?

[LOCAL] Cats with some fancy digs!

Where’s Mitch?

Dave Kubal, who is new to the docket, talking about diabolical powers in new york

Fox News' "caravan" reporter is in Guatemala shouting at random pedestrians who just happen to be walking down the street during live shots

Laura Ingraham is still totally racist

Would you believe our palate cleanser comes from Cardi B?

The Best a MGTOW can get

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh speaks to Fox and Friends about the Gillette ad

Oh look, Matt Walsh from Daily Wire again… he’s gonna tell us what makes the march for life special or something like that

Ben Shapiro at the march for life

It’s curtains for Alex Jones according to Alex Jones

Woman Drinking Wine From Pringles Can Banned From Walmart

...and then some dumbasses decided to pay homage:

Scientology blames Australia stabbing incident on Leah Remini

[RED LIGHT] Louie Bee is back once again… with Owen Shroyer?

[RED LIGHT] Mike Huckabee’s “comedy politics show” :(

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