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ADC-IARPC Semantics WG 2018-12-18

ADC-IARPC Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group

Meeting Agenda & Minutes


2018-12-18 17:00 UTC


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Preliminary agenda (and minutes)

  1. Round table (who is attending)
  1. Ruth Duerr, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Bill Manley, Shannon Christoffersen, Øystein Godøy, Christopher Jones
  1. Adoption of agenda
  1. Adopted
  2. Øystein and Ruth to check GoogleGroup setup - done
  3. Bill suggested issuing reminders of meetings a day or so before. Øystein will do.
  1. Review of minutes of previous meeting
  1. 2018-11-20
  1. Approved
  1. Status of responses to the Polar Vocabularies questionnaire at
  1. Not many responses
  2. Circulated to polardata and announced in Geneva workshop (PDSAWG)
  3. Remind community to respond, widen the audience as well (include scientists)
  4. Shannon will circulate among polar libraries and take the Research Data Canada National Data Framework Summit
  5. RDA Plenary in March/April timeframe - they have semantics groups
  6. Send out reminder email Jan. 7th including g.
  7. Pier - Add a paragraph explaining why this is important
  8. Let’s create entertaining, infographic style, easy to consume educational materials
  9. Ruth to create a folder for relevant existing material e.g. from ESIP - done
  10. Øystein to create a document with issues to address in communicating semantics
  1. Initial discussion on the outcome of discussions on semantics at the Polar Data Planning Summit and Polar Data System Architecture Workshop
  1. The major take away on semantics from these workshops is that most folks don’t feel qualified to attend this group.  They feel clueless about semantics and vocabularies and so are hesitant to participate…  Thus the discussion of educational materials above...
  1. Awareness updates (roundtable)
  1. Ruth noted that the semantics workshop scheduled for Monday the 14th at the ESIP winter meeting has been cancelled.  However, she had already made travel plans (as had other folks) so has arranged to work with Pier, Anne Thessen, and Lewis McGibbney on SWEET/ENVO harmonization activities via Zoom and in person starting at 10 am EST that day.  
  2. Ruth also noted that there will be a session on Thursday at 11 am EST entitled “Working to harmonize SWEET and ENVO” where we will be concentrating on cryospheric terminology
  3. Pier noted that in addition we’ve agreed to monthly mini-hackathons to complete this work
  1. Next meeting
  1. Agreed to do the third Tuesday of the month, at 1800 UTC.
  2. Next meeting will be January 22