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77.36 Jordan

845. Jordan Peterson - 50 Rules

1. stop doing the wrong things

2. make a schedule

3. clarify your thoughts

4. take the meaningful path

5. specify your goals

6. stop saying things that make you weak

7. adopt the mode of authentic being

8. learn from your errors

9. have a conversation with yourself

10. aim high

11. set up criteria for success

12. learn how to think critically

13. don’t be harmless

14. compare yourself to who you were yesterday

15. start small

16. don’t make excuses

17. change yourself

18. toughen up

19. find your winning strategy

20. make yourself into something

21. encourage others

22. take responsibility

23. know when to pull back

24. change yourself

25. find your purpose

26. tell the truth, or at least don’t lie

27. treat yourself like you matter

28. don’t be arrogant

29. listen to others

30. be precise in your speech

31. pursue what is meaningful

32. fight for your beliefs

33. take on challenges

34. don’t compare yourself to others

35. develop resilience

36. get your act together

37. concentrate on who you could be

38. leave your comfort zone

39. find your why

40. pick the lesser risk

41. set goals properly

42. find your why

43. eat a little poison every day

44. take responsibility

45. become disciplined

46. be truthful

47. provide value

48. just start doing

49. develop communication skills

50. fight for what you stand for

846. Some thoughts on immigration:

I have some experience in immigration.  I was a Vice Consul in Seoul and Manila.  I’ve interviewed tens of thousands of visa applicants.  I clerked at INS Miami during law school, and practiced immigration law for a number of years.  I even have 3 foreign born wives in the rear view mirror.

Both sides, Republicans and Democrats, have different agendas and really don’t care about the law.

Republicans want to build a wall, or so they say.  Maybe.  But not the donor class of Republicans.  They need cheap illegal labor to man their farms, ranches, and small businesses.

Democrats are going so far left that only poor immigrants will buy into their bullshit.  Given a few more years, you may have trouble electing a President who is a white guy who speaks English.

Thirty years ago we used to talk among ourselves and lament the fact that laws favor families instead of people who could help the country.  We always felt that more weight should be given to skilled people who could contribute.

For example, if there is a 10,000 shortage of registered nurses, line up the first 10,000 who meet U.S. standards and qualifications and let them in.  In the old days, many came in on H-1A visas.

[The U.S. does not have a shortage of nurses. Almost half a million nurses in the U.S. no longer practice their profession.  It’s a tough job.  I can’t even take care of my mother’s needs.  God bless caregivers. ]

If we needed 10,000 qualified nurses, we could find them in the Philippines in seconds, maybe in Manila alone.

Then Congress changes the laws in the late 90s and H-1A visas go out the window.

Think about the implications for old fart IBMs* like myself, or immigrants who have now gotten old.

As the elderly are forced into nursing homes, the availability of nurses who can communicate with these older immigrants in their native languages is non-existent.  

Where are the nurses who are willing to work in a nursing home environment usually at crappier pay but who speak Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Urdu, or Spanish?

When it comes to separating children from their parents at the border, both sides are misstating the problem.

Is it legal?  Yes.

Is it the right thing to do?  Of course not.

If policies have to be changed - change them.  If new facilities have to be constructed, put them near the wall.  If we need thousands of Border Patrol agents, inspectors, prosecutors, and administrative judges - hire them.

The immigration process costs a lot of money whether ICE is given enough resources to do their jobs or not.

Given how high the fees are now for legal immigrants, I imagine that ICE makes a profit for the government.  All immigration fees charged go not to ICE but to the general fund.  That’s why it pisses me off that Congress does not appropriate enough money for immigration to hire enough people and to do the job.

The problem with politicians is that there is never an honest debate.  

~ Chaz

847. Create Going Aesthetic as a free sqibble ebook.

848. After creating a new page - -

I need to work out a promotion.

849. Start Monday on my personal diabetes fighting system.  Eat when BS under 100 only.  Start adding in starches and don’t worry about the rest for now.  I need to get my body to process the complex carbs.

850. To go aesthetic, you have to start making tons of friends - online and offline.  This will be vital to replace fixed housing.


852. Make a part of my 77 days to buy NO NEW shiny objects for internet marketing.  I have hundreds I’m not using.  I have more than enough stuff to stay busy.

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855. Unsubscribe from all lists you do not read on a regular basis.

856. "Life is suffering. Attachment is the source of suffering. The end of attachment will bring the end of suffering." -Buddha

ChkLines - Article Directories

The grand dame of article directories is, even though a Google algorithm update a few years ago almost killed it.

Many article directories gave up and shut down.

You can decide if you want to take the time to do article marketing.  It won’t hurt, but it’s not the SEO boost it once was.

These are precisely the type of Internet properties where you can safely post spun articles.  I would not put an original on these sites but on your own blog.

Article directories can earn revenue from Google ads placed on their site as part of the Google AdSense program. This has stimulated the growth of thousands of look-alike article sites that receive very little traffic. Others are niche sites that carry articles in particular vertical categories.

Websites can be promoted effectively through articles. A link to the author’s website contained in each free article serves to bring targeted traffic through a well-designed, compelling “signature” or author bio at the bottom of the article, and also raise Google PageRank by creating more incoming links.

These links point to the author’s website from the article’s presence both on the article sites and on the websites that use the free articles.

Article submission tools make spamming extremely easy. Submitting your article to hundreds or thousands of article sites can actually penalize you, since Google spiders are finely tuned to spot spam.

This will not happen if you spin your articles manually, and at the paragraph, sentence, and phrase level.  The trouble is, people are lazy and want to blast the same article everywhere.

SEOs largely abandoned article directories many years ago. Some new webmasters see an opportunity, think it’s a great idea, but don’t realize the repurcussions. The reality is that article directories have become crowded with low-quality, spammy content, but many webmasters don’t realize it.

You could be better off submitting your heavily spun article to five of your favorite article sites and a niche site or two.  Resist the temptation to blast your article to every lame article site on the planet.

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