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Copy Categories

You may want to add a copy category to run statistic reports on a particular aspect of your collection (books awarded from a grant, a specific author or genre (graphic novels), Summer Reading, books in another location, etc.), or do identify the resources with a Resource List and/or Visual Search.  Copy Categories are also useful for identifying parts of the collection to change for Batch Updates (call numbers, adding genres, etc.)

Under Library Search, select “Copy Categories”

Click on Add Copy Category.  Type in the Name and uncheck Restricted.

Click on the Plus Sign to add items to the category.  Viewing will allow you to see what is added.

You can add items by a Resource List, scanning in books to create a Barcode List, or by the date.

To run a report, go to Reports=>Library Reports-> Collection Statistics Historical

Choose the circulation dates, organized by copy category and then, choose the category to run statistics on.

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