FAQs Regarding Ledyard Public Schools and COVID-19

Thank you for visiting the Ledyard Public Schools FAQ for the district’s COVID19 response. This page will be updated regularly as we receive questions from parents, citizens or staff.  Questions can be submitted to Mr. Hartling at jhartling@ledyard.net or Pnajarian@ledyard.net.  Q&A will be posted within 24 hrs with most recent questions posted first on the list.

Thank you,

Jason Hartling

Superintendent of Schools

Last update: 24 March 2020 (1305)

10.  I have heard rumors that children will not be returning to school this year and that all school work will be conducted online.  Is this true?

We will continue to follow the directives of the governor and the Connecticut State Department of Education.  As of yesterday, March 23,  schools will be closed until April 20, 2020 – subject to change.  

If you have not already done so, please contact your school for specific information related to the Ledyard Public Schools Continuity of Learning Plan.

9.  I have a PPT scheduled later this month. Will it be rescheduled after school resumes? I assume we're not having meetings during the closure but want to be sure.

We will be rescheduling all assessments, evaluations and PPT meetings once we return to school. The state has waived the timelines given the closures and state of emergency.

8.  Who is reporting to work in the schools during this school closure?

Ledyard Public Schools is closed due to COVID-19. Teachers, related service providers, 10 month secretaries and paraprofessionals are NOT reporting to work during the closure. This group represents 90%+ of our workforce. This was communicated to all employees prior to the public announcement of closure.

There are essential and 12 month employees that will report. We will have one or two employees in each of our schools to maintain continuity of operations.

Schools are closed to the public. Please call ahead if you need our assistance

Food Service will be partially operating at LHS to provide meals to students on a grab and go basis, but the vast majority of those contract employees will be out of work.

Transportation is contracted, the driver and related staff are out of work.

7. If the schools close for only 2 weeks, will April vacation be taken away?

We do not have a clear answer at this time. Parent Letter #2 said that using April Recess as makeup time is a potential option. Since then there have been a number of developments that will need to be considered by the Board of Education as they modify the school calendar. We will update parents and staff as soon as we have a better answer. As of today, April Recess is tentative.

6. My child has medications being held by the School Nurse; how can I get access to those medications?

School nurses’ offices will remain open during the district closure. Please call the school nurse directly and make an appointment to pick up your child’s medication.  When you arrive at the school, the nurse will meet you at the front door where you will sign a release and receive the medication. Unless the medication will expire or you need it for home use,  we encourage you to leave it at school.

School Nurse’s Office:

GFS  860-464-2458

JWL  860-464-6929

GHS  860-536-8029

LMS  860-464-6439

LHS  860-464-8940

5. What can I do if my child (and/or I) feels anxious about COVID-19?

It is natural to be concerned about a new illness. If your student would like to talk with someone, the following mental health services are available:

Students may talk with their school counselor or school nurse.

Families and parents may call the Coronavirus 24/7 hotline at 1-203-688-1700

Or visit:


4. What measures will be taken to ensure students who have traveled and/or who may have been exposed to the virus, do not spread germs to other students in the district?

Students’ who have traveled to virus “hotspots,” or have been in contact with individuals who have tested positive for the virus will be quarantined for fourteen (14) days prior to returning to school.

3. Has there been any discussion of online distance learning (i.e.: video lessons for the older students and worksheets/video lessons for the younger students) to reduce the amount of missed days and continue their learning through this time of uncertainty?

This has been a hot topic and one that all area school districts are grappling with. Based on guidance from the CT Department of Education (CSDE) we are not equipped in Ledyard to meet the requirements for distance learning (to count as a school day). The CSDE made it clear that we need to ensure 100% equity with computers and online access, something we are unable to do at this time. More challenging is the need to meet compliance with our 18% of students with Individual Education Plans (IEP). What we will provide is supplemental/optional learning activities that our families can use to keep students engaged and learning during a school closure.

2.  A member of our household is immune compromised and in a high risk category;  should I send my children to school?

As of 3/12 at 1224, Ledyard Public Schools is not aware of an incidence of COVID 19 in our schools. That said, like you,  I remain highly concerned. We are continuously monitoring the situation in close communication with colleagues from other districts and discussing this actively with LLHD. The team has contacted all families who have active students that may be at higher risk/immunocompromised. That said, we do not always know the individual family situations or household makeups. Directives have been given to all school administrators that students who are absent due to family choice around COVID19 should be marked excused with an appropriate notation.  

Keep your children home if you feel it is best-  they will be marked excused.

You know your family situation best. Please make the decision to send or keep your children home based on what you know about their condition.

1. What can my child do to protect from getting COVID19?

LLHD’s advice is amazingly simple, yet effective: