Object of the Game: Write a phony definition for a strange word--one that everyone else will think is correct! The most points...wins!

How to Play:

  1. The DASHER draws a card, selects a word, and reads and spells the word aloud.
  2. Each player writes their own imagined definition of the word. Meanwhile, the DASHER writes down the correct definition.
  3. All players hand their “definitions” to the DASHER. The DASHER shuffles them and reads them aloud (without saying the names of the writers).
  4. Each player votes on the definition they believe is the correct one.


1 point         For each vote someone gives your phony definition

2 points        If you guess the correct meaning of the word

3 points        To the DASHER if no one guesses the correct meaning

3 points        If you submit a definition that is correct! (The DASHER does not read it

with the others)

Note: You MAY vote for your own definition, but you do not receive a point.