FALL 2021

As your trustee I have attended several ZOOM organizational meetings and have been tutored in the use of SLACK, though I’m not very good at it.

We have been working to select one trustee to be on the BOD.  Only one person in all the chapters has shown interest.  His name is Dave Starchild Koehler from the mid-Hudson chapter.  Those at the meeting surmise that the position ss viewed as a big lift.


I’m on the Advisory Council (AC) conservation committee.  There are 6 members.  The purpose of the AC conservation committee is to share ideas and develop best practices, proceedures , guidlines, and policies related to a chapters conservation and advocacy efforts; trail maintenance; green-up days; invasive species; how to build a local coalition.  Chapters will be the eyes and ears to bring issues to the conservation committee.

It is important that we report our volunteer hours to member services as donors ask about the amount and kind of volunteer work we do.

Outing committee – is working on uniform guidelines for leadership training and outing materials. Code of conduct. Leave no trace training on line.

Cascade Property- Mike Barrett came on line at our last meeting to answer questions.  It was at the June BOD meeting permission was given to put Lake George property up for sale and  approach the Cascade property.  The Jubin family accepted ADK’s terms.  Jubins will run the ski center 2021-22.  ADK will take occupancy July 2022.  Grant of $500,000 appplied to the $3.25 million price and would guarantee public access to the property. Where the rest of the money will come from was not discussed

The plan is to have the education center there instead of a new building at Heart Lake. So an educational program expansion for ADK.

So far the Lake George property isn’t getting movement.  They are looking for a rental space in the Saratoga/Glens Falls area for when Lake George is sold.

As a member of the conservation AC I asked the Shatagee Woods chapter for ideas of what our chapter wants to work on.  I have been advised by the Advisory Council that our chapter will not work on the same issues as the state-wide ADK Conservation Committee now chaired by Bob Conway.  However, we do not as yet know what the ADK committee will be focused on. One idea for our chapter was to talk locally about climate change and things we can personally do to reduce our footprint (Sharon): composting, hybrid vehicles ,on demand hot water;,heat pumps, solar panels, reducing meat consumption...Another issue suggested by Jane is the overuse of road salt  that leads to water pollution.  Yet another idea  is something we already do,  Partnering with APIPP to detect and remove invasives.