1. Login to Portal. https://portal.azure.com/ . Make sure you have applied the coupon code for your account for credits.
  2. Click on + Create resource and search for Web App Bot.
  3. Click create Web App Bot and then fill the necessary details and in Bot template, select SDKv3 and then Question and Answer template.
  4. Also Select F0 pricing Tier.
  5. Click on Create button to create Web App Bot.
  6. Let it create the web App Bot, it will take some time.
  7. Navigate to https://www.qnamaker.ai/ . Click Sign in.

  1. Use your microsoft id to sign into QNA Maker.
  2. Click on Create a Knowledge base to create a new KB for our handson.
  3. On clicking, it opens up the new tab loading Portal which defaults to Create QnA Maker.
  4. Make sure you select Free(F) in pricing tier and then click on Create. It will take a while to create the QnA maker.
  5. Navigate to https://www.qnamaker.ai/ and click on refresh of the Step 2 section. select the created QnA maker in the Knowledge base.
  6. Enter valid name in “Name your KB” and also copy paste the url  https://eventgridtestin86f2.blob.core.windows.net/gabdemo/QnAMaker.tsv in  - “Populate your KB”.

  1. Click on “Create your KB”.
  2. Once it is uploaded then click on “Save and Train”.
  3. Click on the publish tab and click publish.
  4. Once you click on publish. Click on the”My knowledge bases” and click on view code of your created knowledge base.

  1. Copy the code and save it in the notepad.

  1. Navigate to web app bot and then click on configuration.
  2. Edit QnAAuthKey,QnAEndpointHostName, QnAKnowledgebaseId.

  1. Get the value from the above step 18  and save the values. For eg:-







  1. Click on the “Test in Web Chat” and start chatting with the web bot as below.
  2. Now lets add our own question and answer in the QnA Maker.
  3. Navigate to the QnAmaker, https://www.qnamaker.ai/ and select the my knowledge base.  
  4. Add question “Who is your master” and answer as “{Your name}”
  5. Click on Save and train and then publish the Knowledge base.
  6. Now you can see your question being answered in chat bot.