6th Grade Newsletter (December 2017)

Dear 6th Grade Families,

Below you will get information about what your scholars are doing in each class and what events the whole grade can look forward to. Please enjoy!

Class to Class - What’s Being Learned in the 6th Grade Hallway

ELA - Mr. Pearsall - jpearsall@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

We will continue to use the skills we’ve learned during our Notice and Note boot camp while we begin to read The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton.

Math - Ms. Tapada - etapada@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

This month we are beginning to explore the foundations of Algebra: exponents, order of operations, and variables. We are currently wrapping up our exponents and expressions unit, and we will be finishing December with a STEM-themed movie, Hidden Figures. Next up: solving equations!

Science - Ms. Acevedo - yacevedo@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Ms. Nam - kkim@motthall2.org

Scholars are wrapping up with the energy and energy resources unit. They are currently working on relating forms of energy to nonrenewable and renewable energy resources. Their task is to research the renewable/nonrenewable resources to determine advantages and disadvantages they have, especially in regards to the environment. There will be a unit test on Monday, December 18.

Social Studies - Ms. Breach - lbreach@motthall2.org

6R/6B - Mr. Kahan - jkahan@motthall2.org

Students have started their research projects on Ancient India.  The project will culminate in a PowerPoint presentation.  Parents and guardians will receive invitations to the presentations which will take place between December 18-20th.

Message from Ms.Robbins (School Counselor)


Dear Parents and Scholars:


Mott Hall II will be taking part in our 1st fundraising campaign for hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico.  I am thrilled to announce that Mott Hall II's, hurricane committee, will be running Operation Agua campaign.  We will be discussing this drive during assemblies this week.

Most Puerto Ricans are still without power and more importantly, without safe, clean drinking water.  Many are forced to drink contaminated water, even drinking from toxic sites.  But WE can help provide clean drinking water to those who desperately need it. Through the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), program, "Every Drop Counts," we can bring water relief and purification systems to Puerto Rican families.

Please find a flyer attached with all the information you need to raise awareness and most importantly money, for these families.  Every coin and dollar counts, and nothing is too small of an amount.


The Campaign:  Every Drop Counts

  • How it works:  Scholars will raise money for this amazing cause by using the attached flyer and speaking about the cause
  • Time Frame: Fundraising will end Friday, December 22nd, 2017
  • Winners: Top 3 winners will win a fabulous prize (clues will be given in emails)
  • Donations - donations can also be made online, cash or a check made out to ATF Disaster Relief Fund (put Operation Agua in memo section)

Thank you!  Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jrobbins@motthall2.org.  


On the Calendar - Upcoming Events

Dec. 8  - Winter Dance and Parent Mingle

Dec. 21 - Ace Day

Dec. 14 - 2nd Marking Period Progress Reports Distributed

Dec. 22 - Rapid Dismissal - After School will NOT be in session

Dec. 18 - Energy Unit Test (Science)

Dec. 25 - Jan.1 - No School (Winter Break)

Dec. 18-20 - Ancient India Presentations (Social Studies)

Jan. 2 - Scholars return to school

 Reminders & Suggestions

  • Check your scholar’s Engrade account for missing assignments and remind them to check regularly on their own. Missing assignments will be accepted up to ten (10) school days after they are due for partial credit. Math assignments will only be accepted the following day. Turning in missing work is much better than receiving a 0. If your scholar loses their password they can get it from Ms. Robbins.
  • Progress Reports will be distributed on Thursday, December 14th.
  • The best way to reach 6th grade teachers is through email (listed in Class to Class section). If you have questions about information  on the newsletter or your scholar’s progress please reach out to us. Engrade is not an efficient way to contact teachers.


6th Grade Team (Acevedo, Breach, Kahan, Nam, Pearsall, Tapada)