What should school look like?

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We come full circle with this, one of your last assignments of the year. We started this year wondering where learning was most effective, inside or outside of school.

Now it’s your turn to show me (show the WORLD!) what school should look like. Lead me and the class through a memorable learning moment that teaches us something. You’re pros at learning in a school setting, so show us what your favorite lessons look like, or show us something you have always wished you could do in school.

Teaching is a lot like being a DJ—you mix together ideas (a concept, a text, an objective, an activity and a bunch of people) for one purpose—get people to DANCE, or in the teacher’s case, LEARN. And if it feels like dancing, even better!

To help you in your work, please read this blog post. from Mr. Theriault and refer to a list of activities we've done in our classes.

(Side note: this is one of many reasons I love me some Mr. Theriault—not only are we on the same pedagogical wavelength, he WRITES about all this stuff we do in class. For that I'm very thankful.)

1st step: have ONE person in your group submit which activity your class wants to do as soon as possible. You've gotta call dibs on the activity you want to do. We don't want any repeats.

And for your entertainment, an example from a couple years ago. This group led the class in writing and performing a rap based on The Catcher in the Rye in ONE class period. You can tell we had a lot of fun!


30 minute learning activity

Based on one of our class objectives

& your assigned chapter of The Great Gatsby

Chapters 1-3

Group 1/Chapter 1: Thursday, May 24

Group 2/Chapters 2-3: Friday, May 25

Chapters 4-5

Group 3/Chapter 4: Tuesday, May 29

Group 4/Chapter 5: Wednesday, May 30

Chapters 6-7

Group 5/Chapter 6: Thursday, May 31

Group 6/Chapter 7: Friday, June 1

Chapter 8

Group 7/Chapter 8: Tuesday, June 5

Group 8/Chapter 8: Wednesday, June 6

Chapter 9

Group 9/Chapter 9: Friday, June 8