Pledge Drive Canvassing Script 


Your checklist of things to bring.


Suggested places to canvass:

  1. Rallies, gatherings and events (especially progressive ones).
  1. Walk around and approach people.
  1. Busy pedestrian areas.
  1. College campuses — near the entrance to a student center, dining hall, library, or a busy pedestrian intersection  
  2. Supermarkets — right outside the entrance.
  3. Post office — right outside the entrance.

Pick a place that has high foot traffic, so that you’re actively approaching people rather than waiting for people to come by.

Stay mobile with a clipboard and circulate instead of setting up a table. Wait for each person to get within speaking distance, make eye contact and smile.  Walk toward them as you ask your question.  

Petition Fields

  1. Make sure signatories fill out each field of information legibly before you take the clipboard back as it will be up to you to decipher and enter the names into the database.
  2. Load our website and hand signers your phone to sign up or give them our website URL and ask them to sign up on their phone while you wait.

Canvassing Script

When you speak with potential petition signers, speak from the heart. Don’t  read from the script. Show them your passion. Here are a few points to guide you.  Why were you drawn to MPP?  Use that.

Additional Information

For those who indicate an interest in volunteering, make an attempt to get them to sign up on the spot.  

Many prospective volunteers will not want to sign up immediately. Give them a flyer or business card that references the website, and point out the website printed on it so they can read and sign the petition when they get home.

Conversation Points

You will run into many people who will want to debate you on the issues or challenge MPP’s positions.  Here are some talking points. Feel free to add your own and let us know what works.

Tips and More Info

This guide was put together by longtime organizers. It’s a good starting point. When you get into the field, say what comes naturally and adapt the script to your liking. Short and sweet interactions get the best results.

Your opening question should be something that garners a quick “Yes” before you dive into asking if they’d like to sign the petition. That first affirmation is a hook that opens up conversation.

Collecting signatures is a numbers game. The more people you ask, the more you’ll receive. You want to go from person-to-person in quick succession. Virtually everyone will be friendly. People will appreciate that you’re engaging in democracy and want to help you out.  Ask friends and family to canvass with you, but make sure to cover different areas rather than standing together.

Submitting Signatures 

Once you’ve finished collecting signatures, enter the information into the Sign Up section on our website. Double-check to make sure that you’ve entered each name and email correctly before submitting them, so we can reach them later. Finally, take a close, well-lit photo of each petition sheet and email them to We will save the petition sheet photos but not enter the signatures, so please make sure you’ve entered the signatures before sending them to us.

Thanks for building a people’s party with us!

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