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Student Handbook - 2021
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Overnight & Visitation

Computers and Internet

Students are required to bring a learning device (Chromebook) with them when they start programming at SVA. This will allow students to participate in various forms of programming. Chromebooks can be purchased from SVA at a discounted rate.

SVA has computers, a printer, and a scanner available for student use.  Students are given a computer login and password during New Student Orientation.  Students supply their own paper for the printer or can buy paper from the Community Building front desk during normal business hours for 5¢ per sheet. The front desk staff can print items for students at a cost. No food and drink are allowed near computers.  All SVA computer accounts are connected to the internet and use a content filter to help ensure safe computer use.  

Students will have access to the internet throughout their stay at SVA.  All SVA internet will be filtered for inappropriate content, and SVA retains the right to monitor internet usage.  A monthly fee will be assessed as part of the student’s fee structure.  In addition, personal devices may require students to pay for an updated antivirus software in order to connect to SVA internet.  Note that SVA is not responsible for the diagnosis or repair of a student’s computer or personal device.  

In the first term of classes, students are given access to a student WiFi network in the Community Building, and to the computer labs on campus.  This access is dependent on concurrent enrollment in the Internet Safety class.  Following the first term of classes, if a student has passed the Internet Safety class they will be granted internet access in their rooms.  

While SVA employees are not tasked with monitoring or policing internet usage, a student’s  Service Coordinator or Therapist may independently request that the IT manager make changes to the student’s internet account in order to support program participation.  Based on this request, a student’s internet access may be limited, filtered more heavily, monitored, or suspended.  When any changes are made to a student’s internet access, the Service Coordinator or Therapist will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and modification of the intervention.

For more information about SVA’s philosophy regarding student behavior, reference the Risk Behavior and Accidental Incidents policy and Crisis Situation/Difficult Behavior Protocols.

Exercise & Recreation Equipment

SVA Exercise Equipment

When exercise equipment is not being used by a scheduled class, it is available for students on a first come first serve basis.  The Exercise Room TV and DVD player can be used by students while exercising.

The Exercise Room is available for student use:

Sunday through Saturday:

Some of the exercise equipment that is available includes:

SVA Recreation Equipment

Students contact Thrive program staff if they would like to use recreation equipment outside of scheduled recreation activities.  Recreation equipment can be checked out Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.  On weekends, students contact Mentors to check out recreation equipment.

Some of the recreation equipment that is available includes:

Students may be held responsible for lost or damaged exercise and/or recreation equipment they are using or have borrowed for personal use.  Students sign an agreement as part of the SVA Admissions Packet explaining student responsibility for personal injury while using SVA equipment.                            

General Housing Information

Residential students are issued a room in the Residential Building when they arrive at ScenicView Academy.  Residential students have a storage closet available for personal use, accessible to the student using their room key.  Students can qualify to move from the Residential Building rooms to an on-campus apartment as they develop independent living skills.  Some living situations are designed for double occupancy, so students may have a roommate during their time at SVA.  It is expected that students will learn how to clean and maintain their room and/or apartment while at SVA.  To help with this, room checks and inspections will be completed on a regular basis.  Room assignments are based on space available.

Laundry Information

Clothes washers and dryers are available on the bottom floor of the Residential Building for students living in the Residential Building and in the Commons Building for students living in the apartments.  Students can use the facilities for free.  Students provide their own laundry supplies (i.e. soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets, laundry baskets).  Washers and dryers are available on a first come first served basis. Each student is given two name magnets to place on any washer/dryer while in use by that student. Students are expected to take their magnets with them when they move out to the SVA apartments.

The rules of the laundry room are as follows:

Clothing found on the laundry room counters on the 1st and the 15th of every month is collected and donated to charity.

Library Information

The SVA Library is located on the second floor of the Community Building in Room 242.  Library hours are posted next to the Library door and are subject to change.  The SVA Library includes books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and voice recorders.  Late fees and damage fees may be assessed.

Library Material Check Out and Renewal

Meal Information

Meal Times

Meals are served in the Community Building Cafeteria at the following times:

Monday through Friday:

Weekends and Holidays:

Meal Cards

A meal card must be shown at the cafeteria each time a student wants to get a meal.  A student can buy or replace a meal card at the Community Building front desk.  If a Residential Student would like to get a Sandwich Card or a Fry Card, they can purchase one at the front desk for Student prices.

Residential students can sign up at the cafeteria during meal times for meals on weekends and holidays.  Meals are available for pick up at the cafeteria the afternoon before the weekend or holiday.   Each room/apartment has a refrigerator and freezer to store perishable food items.  A microwave, toaster, toaster oven, and disposable utensils, plates, cups and napkins are available in the Residential Building dining area for student use.  Each apartment has a stove, microwave, and fridge.


Student Meal Prices

Meal cards may be purchased at the front desk for the following prices:

Medication Information

The SVA Nurse will assess the student’s ability to manage medication as prescribed upon admission to SVA and as needed thereafter.  It is the policy of SVA that students take medication as prescribed, and that whenever possible students take full responsibility for administering their own medication.  The Nurse’s determination will be documented in BestNotes.  All SVA students will be encouraged to enroll with SVA’s partner pharmacy and the prepackaged medication program.  

When there are indications that a student has need of assistance with medication, the medication will be kept in a locked medication cabinet under video surveillance and the student will be scheduled to meet regularly with the nurse (unless the Service Coordinator determines otherwise).  The Mentor/Personal Care team opens the cabinet and gives the student access to their pill box.  The Nurse reviews the student’s prescriptions with the student and updates the student’s medications monthly.   Best Notes Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) is used to track the student’s medication.  The students and staff sign electronically when medication is taken.  Each student’s medication records are available through the EMAR system.

The Nurse will discard any expired medications as needed and document the discard date and medication discarded in BestNotes.  

Medication Times

If a student’s medications are being kept in the medication cupboard in the Mentor Office, the student can pick up their medications at the following times:

If an SVA staff member is not in the Mentor Office when medications are needed, the student finds an SVA staff member to give them access to their medications.  

If a student will be off SVA campus at a time when they need to take their medication, the student asks an SVA staff member to give them access to the medication they need before they leave campus so they can take their medication with them.

Medication Pick Up

Students can take the bus to various pharmacy locations in Orem and Provo to refill prescriptions.  For additional assistance, contact the transportation specialist or the nurse.

Money Management

Students have a bank account at SVA.  The money a student earns from working at SVA is automatically deposited into their SVA bank accounts.  Students will fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form with their budgeting specialist to determine the disbursement of their funds.

On-Campus Student Bank Accounts

Students work with the Budgeting Specialist and/or their Service Coordinator to determine how they can best manage their money.

Bank Operating Hours

Student’s money can be accessed at the SVA front desk during bank operating hours:

Money Transactions

The following types of money transaction slips are available at the front desk in the Community Building and at the budgeting specialists office:

Students work with the Budgeting Specialist to get the needed signatures approving the money transaction slips. Money in checking and personal savings can generally be accessed without needing approval or authorization.

Off-Campus Bank Accounts

SVA is supportive of students having an off-campus bank account.  The budgeting specialist can assist students in linking their SVA account to their off-campus bank account.

Student Mail & Phone Calls

Sending Mail

Students can buy stamps and envelopes and mail letters and packages through the U. S. Postal Service at the Community Building front desk.

Receiving Mail

Student mail is sorted and delivered to residential and day student mailboxes Monday through Friday in the afternoon.  If a student receives a package, a notice will be put in their mailbox.  The student brings the notice to the front desk Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to pick up their package.

Telephone Calls

At New Student Orientation each residential student is given a phone number to the phone in their SVA room and instructions on how to set up and retrieve voice mail.  If a student receives a phone call through SVA’s main phone line it will be transferred to the student’s room/apartment phone.  Students can make local phone calls using their SVA room phone by dialing 9 and the local phone number they wish to call. Students cannot make long distance phone calls from their room phone.

On-Campus Calls

Students can use their SVA room phone to call other on-campus phones by using a 4-digit extension.  SVA student and staff extensions can be found on the SVA Intranet or by requesting a copy of extensions at the Community Building front desk.  Students only need to dial the 4-digit extension to make the call.

Televisions and Gaming Systems

Televisions and gaming systems are available on a first come first serve basis, unless a reservation has been made. To reserve a TV or gaming system, talk with Thrive or Mentor staff.  All SVA policies and rules must be kept and students must be courteous to one another while using the TVs and/or gaming systems or a student may lose access to the TV or gaming system they are using. The Student Activity Room and RB Basement are the only locations where gaming systems can be connected. Keep in mind, classes and SVA-scheduled activities will take priority over personal reservations of rooms, TVs, and gaming systems.


SVA TVs can be used at the following times:


SVA encourages students to take care of their own transportation needs by driving their own car, taking the bus, obtaining a reduced UTA Farepay Card, riding a bike, or walking to their destination.  When needed, SVA provides transportation to appointments or commitments approved by the student’s Service Coordinator. ScenicView provides a  shuttle system students can utilize to take care of personal needs. Please refer to for current shuttle schedule.  Students can participate in weekly SVA scheduled trips to local stores each week by signing up on the Live Board outside Mentor office in the Residential Building.


Student Vehicles

Students who have a vehicle on SVA campus must have a current drivers license, vehicle registration, and insurance.  The student’s vehicle must be drivable.  

The student is responsible to maintain their own vehicle and to have repairs done on their vehicle when needed. SVA is not responsible for damage done to a student’s vehicle or by a student with their vehicle on or off SVA campus.  

SVA Vehicles

Seatbelts must be worn by anyone driving or riding in an SVA vehicle.   A student must be approved to drive an SVA vehicle before they are allowed to do so.


Student Bicycles

SVA provides covered bicycle racks that students can use to store their bikes.  The student supplies a bike lock, if desired.  Students are responsible to keep bicycles in good repair.  SVA is not responsible for damage done to or by a student’s bicycle on or off SVA campus.

SVA Bicycles

SVA has bicycles that students can check out through the Thrive Program.  All students using SVA bicycles are required to wear a helmet, which the student can also check out from SVA.  Students are responsible to pay for any damage they cause to an SVA bicycle.

Student Handbook                        Updated December, 2020