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VONR Open Service Positions
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Nicotine Anonymous service opportunities include writing articles for Seven Minutes newsletter, and writing submissions for NicA’s new Daily Meditations Book, and other ways to serve. Contact our for more information.


VONR service opportunities, smober (nicotine free) or not, include doing readings in meetings, helping newcomers, and stepping up for elected positions which require no smobriety time (HippySpam Poster, GC Motion Compiler and Speaker Meeting Recorder).

Meeting Chair or Admin: opens the meeting room on Paltalk and conducts meetings.

Meeting Co-chair: conducts part of the meeting with the Chair/Admin.

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Other service opportunities: Open Positions are in RED


Calendar Manager: Maintains the Google Calendar, giving details of meetings + events.

Chip Program Co-ordinator(s): Mails chips to members to mark recovery milestones.

File Manager: administers Google Suites, trains, maintains passwords, assists in the maintenance of group documents as needed.

Forum Owners (1 open position):  Maintains administration of VONR Forum platform, maintains settings + permissions in the Forum dashboard.

Forum Administrator (2 open positions): Assists + provides backup for Forum Owner, adds +  trains Forum Moderators.

Forum Moderators: Facilitate discussion + friendly discourse in VONR Forum, assists Forum Admin +  Owner in resolving Forum issues.

Group Conscience Chair: Chairs monthly VONR Group Conscience (GC) business meetings. GC Chair Designate.

Group Conscience Motion Compiler:  Documents all the GC motions.

Group Greeter: Sends the official “Newcomer Letter” to new members of the VONR Forum.


Group Rep: Acts as the liaison with Nicotine Anonymous World Services.

Hippy Spam Poster: Makes regular postings to the VONR Forum as required by GC.

Paltalk Room Owner: Works to ensure a safe, G-Rated environment in the VONR Paltalk meeting room + gives Admin access to new Chairs.

Secretary:  Writes + posts minutes of monthly GC meetings. Secretary Designate.

Speaker Meetings Recorder: Records the Saturday night speaker.

SuperAdmin: Gives new Chairs their “hat” (i.e. the ability to open + close the online meeting room) plus any further tech training needed to run meetings.

Treasurer: Keeps records of all financial transactions + reports monthly to GC. Treasurer Designate.

Webmaster: Responsible for the administration + content of the VONR website +  the administration of Google Suite. Aided by Web Assistant.

WhatsApp Group Chair: Adds members to the WhatsApp Group, offers support + monitors posts.

WSO Delegates: Represent the group at World Services Organization (WSO) Conferences.

 For furce position and current openings  please go to: details of each servi