S30: Hawaii-Two-O (H20) project

Chair / Contact

Jean-Gabriel Cuby (jean-gabriel.cuby à lam.fr), Sune Toft (sune à dark-cosmology.dk)


Presentation of the H20 project (see short presentation below), discussion on observing strategies for both the imaging and spectroscopy parts, preparation of Euclid, early science cases, etc.

Room and Time

Room BS, Thursday 14 June, 09:00-10:30



H20, science, timeline, politics

P. Capak


Mass functions with H20+SLS

I. Davidzon


Selection of High z galaxies with H20, before and after Euclid data

R. Bowler / P. Oesch


Discussion of input to Flagship simulation for the deep fields. What do we need:  depth, area, filters, redshift ranges, galaxy/AGN SEDs, star models, ect. Also validation tests, (sizes, number counts, etc.)



General discussion


Hawaii-Two-0 (H20) project


H20 is an Institute for astronomy/University of Hawaii Large Observing Program lead by Dave Sanders that runs over the next 3 yrs. Up to 30 nights with Subaru/HSC and 10 spectroscopic nights at Keck (LRIS and MOSFIRE) have been allocated. The H20 survey targets the two Euclid Deep Fields visible from Subaru (CDFS and NEP), to a  limiting magnitude of 27-27.5 in grizy. This depth is designed to match the depth of the Spitzer Legacy Survey (PI: Capak). H20 data will have the standard telescope proprietary time of 18mos, and will be Euclidized and made available to the full consortium by the time Euclid launches.  While the survey runs, projects utilizing the data must be approved by the IfA and must have strong involvement from Hawaii astronomers, in order to comply with the rules for Large Programs at the IfA.

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