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SOSAZ Weekly Education Report 20 - 5/30/2022
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Save Our Schools Arizona

Weekly Education Report

55th Legislature, 2nd General Session

Volume 4, Issue 20 • Week of May 30, 2022

"Tone-deaf, Abhorrent" Attack on Teachers Advances Through AZ House​​

One day after the horrific mass school shooting in Texas, while the nation's traumatized teachers and parents were fresh in horror and grief, the Arizona House Republican majority forced through long-stalled, egregious SB1412. This bill attacks and vilifies teachers for teaching truthful and accurate history, imposing fines of up to $5,000, and opening up a process for endless complaints and lawsuits against Arizona's educators.

SOSAZ volunteers stood watch in the House gallery as bill sponsor and state Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Michelle Udall (R-25) acknowledged SB1412 would ban teachers from discussing the racist motives behind the recent mass school shooting in Buffalo — even though police have clearly and publicly stated that the shooting was a racially motivated hate crime. The bill passed on party lines, with all House Republicans supporting this attack on free speech.  

Make no mistake: Udall's bill is censorship. It deprives kids of crucial knowledge, and the threat of $5,000 fines will drive many more teachers out of the classroom. It is tone-deaf and abhorrent for Arizona lawmakers to attack teachers for doing their jobs, this week of all weeks, especially when teachers have demonstrated over and over again that they will give their lives to protect our children.

SB1412 will now go back to the Senate for a final vote before heading to the governor’s desk — which means it's still possible to stop this bill. The amendment extends the ban to teacher prep programs at universities and community colleges, which may be a bridge too far for some senators. Floor calendars aren't available yet, but the bill could be brought up for a vote as soon as Tuesday, so we need you to reach out to your state senator now.

Rumors continue to swirl surrounding Arizona's budget, but it seems the situation remains unchanged. We have a record $5.3 billion surplus, very real needs, and a Republican majority-on-vacation that is hellbent on cramming a wasteful, unwanted ESA voucher expansion down our throats. Reach out to your lawmakers today. Tell them to stop stonewalling, provide for the needs of our public schools and communities, and leave vouchers out of it. Email your lawmakers here!

The only way out of all this is to elect new representation. We're talking to voters, doing the critical work that will make every difference for our public schools on November 8. Join us and help make phone calls or knock on doors by clicking here. We need you!

Calls to Action

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Bills Still in Motion

Many of these could be brought up for a vote with less than one day's notice.

Attacks on schools, school boards, districts:

Voucher expansions:

Attacks on teachers & curriculum:

Watering down teaching:

What You Can Do to Help

Your voice matters! A simple phone call or email to your lawmaker asking them to prioritize funding for schools and responsible policies for education goes a long way. Make it clear that you expect well-funded and well-resourced schools where educators feel supported and students feel safe. 

For Arizona to move forward and thrive, we need these critical discussions! Find your legislative district here. Email and phone info is here for your representatives and here for your senator. Please reach out and make your voice heard.

Here are some other easy actions you can take:

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