Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary School

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Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

38180 W. Colonial Hwy. Hamilton VA, 20158


Monica Edwards, Principal

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Instructional Overview

 Grade KG, 3-5 is utilizing Pathways Units of Study for reading tier 1 instruction.  In math, math workshop is implemented school-wide.  Culbert utilizes RTI strategies and programs to tier instruction and measure the effectiveness of interventions in place.  PBL is implemented in all grade levels and specials areas, that culminates in our Learning Expo every June.   Culbert staff work as a team to support all of our students in the school community.  Inclusive practices are in place for all students to be valued members of the school.  

Extended Learning Opportunities

Students participate in many extended learning opportunities at Culbert through the use of PBL and programs that connect students to others outside the school building.  In addition, the Odyssey of the Mind program is an opportunity for students to extend their learning in a problem based format.  One of the OM teams made it to the World’s competition in spring 2018.  We offer coffee chats for parents when new programs are implemented or more information is needed for parents to make informed decisions.  The parent liaison also works with families on support and other learning opportunities they may require to meet their family’s needs.  Staff extend their learning through differentiated professional development, both at the school and district-wide levels.  In addition, teachers from Culbert represent the school at learning opportunities outside the building, with the intention of bringing information back to the entire staff (math workshop, RTI, etc).  

Areas of Strength

Kenneth Culbert Elementary is accredited, with all performance indicators at or above standards.   In looking at SOL data from the past 3 years, reading pass rate is at 90.84% for all students and math pass rate is 92.2% for all students  the cumulative past 3 year data.  Last school year, the reading pass rate at Culbert increased from 90% to 92% with sub group performance increasing in Economically Disadvantaged (89% to 95%), and Students with Disabilities (80% to 82%).  In math, pass rates increased in the economically disadvantaged subgroup from 83% to 90%, with an overall pass rate of 90%.

Areas for Growth

In considering SOL data from the 17-18 school year and the past 3 school years, grade 3 reading is an area of focus for this school year.  The grade 3 reading SOL encompasses instruction from grades K-3.  Math pass rate of 90% for all students is a decrease from the previous school year, with a decrease in performance in the hispanic (from 93% to 81%)and students with disabilities (from 87% to 80%) subgroups.  Professional Development for staff continues to be an area of growth, as Culbert staff is committed to lifelong professional learning.