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Rachel Wigglesworth, M.S., M.Ed.

Journeys School Parent Education Series - It’s all about the Relationship!

Fall 2017

Workshop Overview:

Parents and teachers all want what’s best for the kids in their lives. What does this mean, and how do we get there? Join Rachel Wigglesworth and other parents to discuss how we guide, support, and interact with our children to reach the positive outcomes we hope for them. Rachel will lead parents and teachers through a journey to consider the question of first, “what outcomes do I hope for my child (or the child I teach)?”, and second, “how can I support the child in getting there?” Research suggests that relationships are one of the key aspects in fostering healthy development that promotes positive outcomes, and while we often have strong relationships with our children, there are times when these relationships can be challenged. Parents of children of all ages are encouraged to attend!

Workshop 1:

The first workshop will introduce participants to the entire series and focus on what children (and we all) need to foster healthy relationships. Such relationships help children develop character strengths, which research suggests are an essential factor in leading to positive outcomes. Using brain science, and the idea of seeing the world from the child's perspective, we will discuss fostering healthy relationships even during times of challenge.

Workshop 2:

During the second workshop, participants will use what they learned from the first workshop to consider ideas, using hands-on practice and participant-generated scenarios, of how to interact with the child when the parent-child or teacher-child relationship is challenged.  Using small groups, we will break down these scenarios using the work of Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson, and the Developmental Relationships Framework from the Search Institute. This workshop will also discuss a paradigm shift in what family engagement with school means.

Workshop 3:

The third workshop will focus on family engagement and how parents, teachers, and the school can work as a community to help children reach the positive outcomes we hope for them. This process can be challenging when all members on the team have varying opinions on the best path to help children reach such outcomes. Relationship strategies discussed in the first two session will be applied to situations where the parent-teacher relationship could become conflicted.

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