Security Personnel (SP) Timetable.

Catalyst Arts Gallery 18:00 – 21:00, 7.8.14.

18:00:         Recruiting professional Security professes insecurity.

Enforcing an order in things changes the order of things.

SP(A) positions at front entrance. Seated.

18:25:         Private Security Industries are an eruption of the substructure of capital into the everyday experience of the subject.

SP(B) positions at entrance to adjunct exhibit.

18:50:         This hernia is most visible at its weakest junctures: national borders, conflict zones.

SP(C) positions at WC.

19:15:         The quest for Negative Liberty presupposes a planet of infinite commodity.

SP(D) positions at an artwork. SP(A) standing.

19.30:         Desire for growth = Desire for Stasis.

SP(E) joins SP(A) at the front entrance.

                  SP(F) positions at drinks table.

19.40:         Concentrations of wealth and power require disproportionate lack. SP(G), SP(H) & SP(I) patrol.

20.00:         “The fundamental dilemma is this: how do we reconcile liberty with security in this new world?” – Tony Blair

Our outsourced modes of group regulation become

re-internalized individual behaviors.

Begin eye-contact. Stance change.

20.10:         “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” 

- Eric Schmidt, (CEO, Google Inc.)

SP(J), SP(K) & SP(L) monitor congregations.

20.30:         Security Personnel, Closed Circuit Television, The Tempora Program. Signifiers, dormant unless provoked. Omni-present like a background noise. These things need only exist, their real work is done in the subject’s unconscious.

SP(A) & SP(E) tighten door security.

SP(M), SP(N) & SP(O) join SP(J), SP(K) &SP(L) respectively,

positioned within congregating. As groups disperse, Personnel

move and regroup.

20:55-9:         The last frontier of colonization: the thought from which the deed arises.

SP(A,B,C) exit. SP(D,E,F) exit. SP(G,H,I) exit. SP(J,K,L) exit. SP(M,N,O) exit.