First Day of School Checklist

On your child’s first day of preschool, please bring the following items:

❏ A knapsack/bag for your child to carry to and from school each day.

❏ A complete change of clothing & extra diapers, if required. Messy play, spills or toileting accidents may require a change from head to foot.

❏ Pack appropriate non-marking shoes for indoor & outdoor play - just one pair if weather is nice as it is easier if children do not have to change shoes. (Note: In rainy weather or winter months, send indoor shoes and appropriate outdoor footwear for children.)

❏ A package of wipes for diaper changes, if diapers are required.

❏ Children in the School Readiness, Kinders and Step By Step program need to bring their own peanut-free & nut-free snack to school each day.

Please bring in the following items to share with the classroom throughout the year:

1 box of kleenex / tissues

1 package of wet wipes

1 package of small (3 oz) unwaxed Dixie Cups

1 package of large compostable paper plates

Please note:

★ Dress your child in clothing designed for fun and appropriate for the weather and messy


★ Clearly label all of your child’s belongings. Permanent marker inside the clothes is fine,

however if you choose to purchase labels through Mabel’s Labels, a portion of the proceeds go to BCCNS. You can browse and purchase online here:

★ All your child’s belongings, including shoes, boots, change of clothes and backpacks will

need to be brought home at the end of each day.

★ IMPORTANT: For all the children’s safety, everyone MUST reverse into the parking spaces in the preschool parking lot.