COMMITTEE: Security Council

Topic Area: Non proliferation-Nuclear Weapons; the issue of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Country: Hungary

Delegate Name: George Poulios

It is known that nuclear science is able to affect our world positively. It can contribute to health problems and it also provides a clear energy source.

However, nuclear weapons and their proliferation is a significant threat affecting our world nowadays. Nuclear weapons are very serious because their excess release is easily able to destroy everything in their path. For instance, in 1945, a serious disaster was occurred by an atomic bomb having been dropped in Hiroshima, causing countless deaths, injuries and sicknesses in Japan. This disaster has never been produced by any other weapon before.

After having considered all the existing dangers, governments are constantly trying to restrict the use of such dangerous weapons. The main goal is to prevent this kind of activities in the future.

At this point, it can’t be omitted that Hungary does not possess nuclear weapons. As a member of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) since 1970, it is recognized as a Non-Nuclear Weapon State (NNWS). It is also a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and a member of the Mine Ban Treaty and has signed (in July 2012) the Cluster Munitions Convention. Furthermore, Hungary claimed that the premier clue missing from the legal architecture of nuclear disarmament is a complete ban on nuclear tests. It is clear that Hungary is constantly supporting the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We  fully support the ultimate goal of complete and irreversible nuclear disarmament. It is also important to know that the nuclear fuel cycle in Hungary is open in both ends, since there is no production of nuclear fuel. 

In addition, as a non-clear weapon country, Hungary has gained remarkable experience for the nuclear disarmament verification through the Hungarian Safeguards Support Programme. We are totally devoted to the process of nuclear disarmament and to the establishment of a legal treaty banning the production of missile material for nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices (FMCT).

Finally, Hungary is also cooperating with other non-nuclear power promoting organizations such as the Atomic Energy Agency and the Nuclear Energy Agency, organizations whose main aim is to promote the peaceful use of atomic energy.

Another Point to consider is the issue of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and how Hungary deals with it. North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and frightening nuclear provocations are a great threat for our world nowadays. As a solution, in a desperate attempt to stop this craze, Hungary is calling for global participation in order to hurdle Korea’s nuclear threat and persuade Korea to cooperate with international community. Hungary suggests the quick procedure of peaceful negotiations in order to increase the peace and safety of North Korea. North Korea must take specific measures towards dismantling its nuclear missile programmes so that negotiations can be done. What is more, Hungary insists that diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea has to be increased to make them abandon their horrible plans threatening global peace. Another measure which can be taken is to ask America for help, as they are known for their innovative battling systems and their strength.

Hungary wants to take measures against North Korea so desperately because we understand the danger existing from North Korea. It is crucial that Kim Jong Un will be persuaded to “throw away” his plans and agree doing negotiations. Otherwise, North Korea’s extremely hazardous explosions will be able to cause a planetary disaster and enormous loss of life and nature. With these negotiations, agreements can be done (for example, economic sanctions can be imposed against North Korea if more nuclear missiles are launched).

Finally, we strongly believe that another way of solving this problem can be found in technology. The American missile Defense Agency is recently working on a brand new system using aerial vehicles equipped with strong energy lasers easily able to shoot down Korean missiles in the first several minutes after launch.

Concluding, the delegation of Hungary supports that the fight against non-proliferation of nuclear weapons can only be successful when actions are taken at local, regional, national, and international levels with the same determination.