WALT: use time words in a recount

SC: I can highlight 5 time words I have used in my recount

Instructions: You must write a recount about what you did last week for EOTC week.

A recount is a story about something that has already happened - something in the past.

In recounts, we use words like

Your task is to write a recount about your week. You can add pictures if you want to.

Before posting on your blog, highlight any time words you have used. You MUST use at least 5 of these.

For your blog:

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Title: WALT use time words in a recount

Start writing here: in hamilton garden. Hamilton Garden I went with my man every weekend. My nan and me And my cousin went to Hamilton Garden we went  in the Te ParaPara sustainable garden and Herb garden and kitchen garden And Tudor garden and Tropical garden and then we were tired and hungry and then we got something to eat and then we went in the car and we slept in the car but my nan was driving. When we were at home we jump in bed and slept in the bed. the next day we went to my papa's birthday happened it was fun we had hangi and cooked fish and drinks and my uncles  were doing the haka and some of my cousins and my brother`s.The haka was loud and cool my cousins were called pori mare and taringa faka utu