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PSY 390 Syllabus
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PSY 39000: Research Experience in Psychology

Fall 2024

Well-Being And Measurement Lab

Supervising Faculty Member: Dr. Louis Tay

Course Description

PSY 39000 is a variable-credit course that provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to participate in research. One credit hour is equivalent to 3 hours per week in the lab (i.e., a total of 45 hours per credit hour over the semester). During this time, you will assist with various  research activities, such as planning and improving studies, conducting literature reviews, reading and referencing articles, assessing job candidates, and collecting data

Each student will meet with a senior researcher in the lab each week and will be provided with personalized task assignments each week.

Each student’s quality of work is assessed individually. Engagement and quality of work are used to determine your final grade (A=satisfied all lab requirements with high quality work; B=satisfied all lab requirements with average-quality work; C=did not satisfy all lab requirements; F=not satisfying most or all of the lab requirements). No final reports or exams  are required in the research experience, but we do ask you to write a 1-page reflection on your  experience in the lab. Adhering to lab policies (below) is required to succeed in the course.

Class Philosophy

The research experience is only as valuable as you make it, and it is expected that you are proactively involved in this educational opportunity. This requires that you 1) complete your  work as required each week, 2) attend meetings, 3) participate in discussions, and 4) think  creatively about how the tasks you complete and projects we discuss relate to your own interests  and experiences.

The goal is that we create a learning community where feedback and constructive criticism are  appreciated in order to facilitate personal and professional development.  


You are expected to check your Purdue (or preferred) email address daily.

Course Objectives

  1. Learning and practicing literature review techniques
  2. Collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data
  3. Assessing traits and characteristics of people from videos or their writing
  4. Developing research study materials
  5. Gaining a deeper understanding of several areas in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to get advice and resources on how to apply for graduate school and/or pursue a career in psychology.

Topic Areas for Fall 2024

Example Tasks for Fall 2024

Lab Policies

Contact Information  

Dr. Louis Tay;; Professor and Lab Director

Gloria Liou;; Ph.D. Student

Instructions for Online Human Subjects Certification for Undergraduates

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on “Online CITI Training”  
  3. Follow the “CITI Registration Instruction Sheet” to get registered for CITI training
  4. For “Participating Institutions,” select Purdue University  
  5. Create a username, password, and provide your name and email address
  6. Fill in required fields on the “Member Information” page
  1. “Department” = Type in Psychological Sciences  
  2. “What is your role in research” = select Student Researcher – Undergraduate
  1. Complete the Basic Course, Responsible Conduct of Research, and Key Personnel courses
  2. Let us know if you run into any issues