1.        Purpose

The purpose of this organization, Student Council, is to develop worthy student activities, the spirit of cooperation and good fellowship, and good school citizens.

2.        Authority

        SC 511

The Board establishes that students shall have the right to organize, conduct meetings, elect officers and representatives, and petition the Board.

        SC 511

The Board shall appoint a qualified member of the faculty to serve as an advisor for student government activities.

3.        Guidelines

The Student Council helps to develop good leadership and character. It plans many social events and carries on other specialized activities. It is the voice of the student body because it is run by the students with the assistance and advice of the faculty. It also sets up committees to do certain tasks which help make the school better and more interesting. It aids a person to develop mentally and physically for future leadership.

The Student Council is a representative group of students chosen to help promote the better things of school life. Its duties are to make rules to better the school, its life and its interests. The homeroom group is that part of the student body where the homeroom representative may get the opinion of a small group and because of this, vote more intelligently, and thereby serve better the best interest of the school.

4.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent or designee shall establish rules and regulations to implement this policy which:

  1. Assure that all students have equal access to the student government and an equal opportunity to vote and hold office.

        SC 511

        Pol. 618

  1. Require fiscal accountability and adherence to Board policy for all financial aspects of student government activity.

  1. Require that decisions made and actions taken by the student government organization, in accordance with and within the scope of its constitution, shall not be voided or vetoed by any staff member.

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