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Ogden Bicycle Collective - Donation Wish List

One-Time Medium to Large Items: New or Used

  1. Metal lockers - Any and/or all sizes - for employee and volunteer storage
  2. Push cart for cleaning supplies - household items - will be utilized during routine upkeep
  3. Shelving units - freestanding and wall mount
  4. Paper trimmer board - paper chop deck
  5. Hand Tools - hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers
  6. Garbage Cans
  7. Retail Hardware - slatwall, pegboard, hooks, display stands
  8. Easel or tripod
  9. Truck - for pickup and drop off of large donations as well as helping with Bike Valet and other events


  1. Shop rags (red rags or old cotton t-shirts), Shop Towels (terry cloth or old shower towels)
  2. Paper products - Bath Tissue, Hand Towels, Shop Towels
  3. Simple Green, Windex, Degreasers, Bathroom Cleaners
  4. Green Scrubbing Pads - Scotch Brite - for shop use on bikes
  5. Rubbing Alcohol - Denatured Alcohol - for shop use (occasionally facilities)
  6. Electrical Tape - for shop use
  7. Zip Ties - Reusable Ties - used regularly throughout the shop
  8. Paint - Bulk paint any color - for painting our walls and display walls
  9. Paint - Floor paint, any color - paint floor and some walls
  10. Large Easel Paper Pad (approx.25x30 inches) - one for events, one for classroom
  11. Storage

All The Time:

  1. Bicycles - All makes, models, types (if bringing more than 5 call 801-997-0336 to schedule a drop off time)
  2. Bicycle Parts and Accessories new or used

About Us

The Bicycle Collective is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (that means all donations are tax-deductible!) and full service bike shop. We dedicate our efforts to the idea that the bicycle is a solid option for transportation that can help clean our air, reduce traffic congestion, and make everyone a little healthier. And let’s face it: bikes are just fun.

Recycle Bikes

Our model is designed to increase affordable access and education and our audience is everyone. Our community bike shops in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and now St. George are staffed with professional mechanic instructors who are there to walk you through tune-ups or repairs with the idea that you’ll be a more regular and confident rider after learning how to patch the tube or adjust the brakes yourself. We carry a large selection of used bicycles that are overhauled by our mechanics and given a multi-point inspection so they’re ready to ride out the door. We also carry used and new parts and accessories to get your bike dialed in perfectly to fit your riding style and personal tastes.

Access for All

But there’s so much more to the Collective. The revenue from our community bike shops provides the bulk of funding for our numerous programs that are aimed to serve underprivileged communities and children. Your purchase may help fund a much needed bike for a refugee, veteran, or recently released prisoner in transition. Or it may help pay for five bikes for kids in need. It may pay an in-house youth mechanic certification instructor salary, placing youth in jobs as bike mechanics in the area, or the salary of our instructors who teach the same course at juvenile detention centers. It’s a positive feedback loop in which the more people we help in our shops, the more people we can help outside of our shops. We see it as a win for everyone.

Build Community

We believe to our cores that the bicycle is an important machine that is rightly becoming staple of urban communities. To patrons of our programs, it may even be a critical tool for employment and self-sufficiency. We invite you to become part of the effort. Find out more about the services we offer under our programs[link] page, join as a member[link] or volunteer[link], consider making a financial donation[link], donate your old bicycle, or simply come in and take advantage of the community bike shop services or hang out with us at an event. Little compares to the simple joy of riding a bicycle.

ADDRESS: 936 E. 28th Street, Ogden, Utah

PHONE: 801-997-0336

EMAIL: danielle@bicyclecollective.org