Science Teaching Resources


Next Gen

Website for Next Generation Science Standards


National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) website for the NGSS

Science Framework

The Science Framework for Integrated Science for grades 6-8

Additional Frameworks

Earth and Space Science

Teach the Earth

Resources for teaching geoscience


National Association for Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) website that contains plenty of teacher resources and recording webcasts.


Tons of teacher resources for lessons, labs, projects, activities, assessments, and more.  Use the search box to quickly find what you need.

Climate and Energy

Has lessons and additional resources for teaching about the climate, climate change, and energy.


Lots of vetted lessons and resources on weather and hurricanes.

High-Adventure Science

Has lesson modules with possible assessments that engage in real-world data and unanswered science problems.

NASA Wavelength

A digital library of resources to help teach about earth and space.

Life Science

Understanding Science

A website made by UC Berkeley that has a ton or resources for learning and teaching.  It has more than just life science but their cell features and evolution components are wonderful.

Planting Science

Has great inquiry units on planting


Lists a massive amount of websites to teach about and learn about cells.  Some pretty phenomenal resources are on this!

Physical Science

The Periodic Table of Videos

Explore the periodic table in videos.  Fun for students to explore and learn about each of the elements.

The Paleontology Portal

A great way to explore paleontology through this portal that many resources within it.  

Google Earth

Explore the earth in many different ways.  

American Chemistry Association

Resources and links for teaching about chemistry and physical science.

The Particle Adventure

Explore the fundamentals of matter and force.


Check out the basics of chemistry and energy.

Engineering, Technology, and the Application of Science

Scientists @ the Smithsonian

Explore and learn about the careers of many different scientists, explaining what they do and why it is important. Many different types of scientific careers are there.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Lots of lessons and units available on many STEM topics that focus it through the student eyes of acting like an engineer.

Teach Engineering.Org

Browse lessons, units, and maker challenges. You can browse them by topic or by educational standards.


Resources for teaching about engineering and mechanics.

Civil Engineering

Has units on civil engineering and links within it. Could even work as an entire year’s scope and sequence.


University of Kansas’ Resources for Science

Includes lots of links for different areas of teaching and learning about science. Includes ideas on how to use them.


Includes many different videos and learning labs. Search by the type of science you teach or by topics.

Discovery Science

Website with tons of videos and resources for teaching science

Science Links

A resource compiled by Albemarle County Public Schools that has many more links to explore.


Games for students geared around science. Find a learning game based on grade level or topic.

The Concord Consortium

Pick activities by choosing your path using the NGSS.  Pick the practice, then the core ideas, then the crosscutting concepts.  After you have done that, online resources and activities will appear below.