(If the hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, kindly consult the Parish Office.)

  1. No Hirer shall be under 18 years of age.

  1. The Hirer will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for security, the supervision of the premises, the fabric, the contents and their care. Safety from damage, however slight, or change of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the premises, whatsoever their capacity, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements, so as to avoid obstruction of the highway, will be the responsibility of the Hirer. All Hirers should acquaint themselves with the emergency procedures and should ensure that the illuminated 'Fire Exit' signs are switched on during the period of hire.

  1. The Hirer must ensure that there is a nominated responsible person, with a mobile phone available for use in an emergency.

  1. The Hirer shall not sub-let or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, nor do anything or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the same or its occupants. Consumption of alcoholic liquor is forbidden without written permission.

  1. The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining licences that may be needed, whether for the consumption of alcoholic liquor or otherwise, and for the observance of the same and of all other regulations appertaining to the premises stipulated by the Fire Authority, the Local Authority, the local Magistrate's Court or otherwise.

  1. The Hirer should ensure that all electrical appliances brought onto the premises by themselves, caterers, entertainers etc have been P.A.T tested and that evidence of these tests is provided to the Parish Office.

  1. The Hirer shall indemnify Hound Parish Council for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property, including the curtilage thereof or the contents of the buildings, which may occur during the period of the hiring, as a result of the hiring.

  1. If the Hirer wishes to cancel the booking before the date of the event and Hound Parish Council are unable to conclude a replacement booking, Hound Parish Council reserves the right to retain 50% of the deposit. Deposits are returned to the Hirer by cheque, within 14 days after the hiring.

  1. At the beginning of the hiring, the Hirer should ensure that the condition of the hall is checked upon entry and the cleanliness of the hall is of a satisfactory standard. The Hirer is particularly advised to note any marks caused by cigarette burns upon floor coverings and furnishings and to advise the Parish Office or the Caretaker as necessary.  At the end of the hiring, the Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounds in a tidy condition, as per the attached checklist, properly locked secured and alarmed (where appropriate), unless directed otherwise.


Any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions should be properly replaced, otherwise Hound Parish Council shall be at liberty to make an additional charge.

  1. Hound Parish Council reserves the right to cancel the hiring in the event of the hall being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government Election or Bye-Election, or any other use as directed by Hound Parish Council, in which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit already paid. Hound Parish Council shall not be liable for any resulting loss or damage as a result of such a cancellation.

  1. In the event of the hall or any part thereof being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired, Hound Parish Council shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever. Setting up and clearing must be carried out within the time booked. Hirers must leave the premises promptly at the end of their period of hire.

  1. Bookings are made inclusive of setting up and clearing away time. Functions must finish by 11.30pm and the hall cleared by midnight. The Police will make security checks on the premises from time to time.

  1. Hound Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any goods or valuables left in the hall by the Hirer at any time.

  1. The Hirer shall not allow smoking in the 'No Smoking Areas'. The Hirer shall be responsible for any damage caused by cigarette burns.

  1. The Hirer will be responsible for the removal of all decorations, including balloons from the premises. (Abbey Hall only - balloons left in the hall can result in the alarm being activated and subsequent call-out by an engineer, incurring a minimum fee of £75.00 plus VAT, which will be forfeit from the Hirer's deposit.)

  1. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that artificial smoke is not used in any entertainment as this activate the fire alarm. Should the alarm be activated, an appropriate charge will be levied.

  1. If payment is not made within the time specified on the invoice, Hound Parish Council reserves the right to refer the matter to the County Court.

  1. Hound Parish Council operates a No Smoking Policy in all its halls.

       If smoke alarms go off, hirers may incur a charge for engineer callout.

  1. All our halls are in residential areas. Hirers are asked to show consideration for neighbours particularly in relation to volume of musical entertainment.

During all events involving live or amplified music (other than low level           background music), all windows and doors should be kept closed.

  1. So as to minimize disturbance to local residents at night, hirers are requested to ask their guests to leave the premises quietly at the end of the event.