Star Wars Destiny Convergence Progressive Sealed League

$20 registration for the league is paid at your first event.

Upon registration you will be provided with your own Convergence League Checklist and six Convergence booster packs. Your registration fee also adds two boosters to the league prize pool.

$10 dollar registration is paid at each additional league event.

Each week you will receive your Convergence League Checklist, plus three Convergence booster packs. Your fee also covers one additional booster for the league prize pool.

League start time each week will be 7:00pm. You will have 30 minutes to open your boosters, update your checklist and build a deck from booster packs you have pulled up to this point, plus one of the following boxed products; General Grievous Starter Set, Obi-Wan Kenobi Starter Set, or Allies of Necessity Draft Set (pending release date). There will be no deck modifications between rounds. You may change which boxed product you use each week.

Until A.o.N. drops we will also allow use of characters (Anakin – Conflicted Apprentice, Lobot – Cyborg Aide, Ketsu – Black Sun Operative, and Jawa Scavenger) from the Rivals draft set. No other cards from Rivals will be allowed, and none of these characters may be elite.

Many thanks to Kenton at Gabi’s OCC for sharing league format. Much of this has been plagiarized from his original documents.