Spanish Special Guest Speaker: Mr. Pratz

 Spanish Class guest speaker Tom Pratz, a recent Rowan University graduate, now employed as a full time Spanish Teacher,  visited with Pitman Middle School  students last week. Mr. Pratz shared with students how learning  another language  helps them prepare to compete in both higher educational and workforce environments. He shared real life examples of how  possessing  knowledge of another language  provides  experience and skills necessary to make meaningful career choices.

Sixth grade students  enthusiastically participated in this program. It was evident that they really enjoyed Mr. Pratz’s sharing of his travels and sports experiences from other countries.  Eighth grade also  quickly engaged with Mr. Pratz’s presentation, bringing their knowledge of the United States Constitution, into a current events discussion regarding the Catalan region in Spain. Seventh grade displayed their Pitman Pride with a  wonderful welcoming  committee for Mr. Pratz, at our front entrance .

 A good time was had by all participants. Students followed up the next day with a lot of “Thank

 Yous “ which included specific references to things they had learned or found interesting in the presentation. We included these references in a “Thank You” card that we mailed to our  guest speaker,