This information pack was created by WonderDome Mobile Planetarium for educators/organisers. We aim to answer questions about a mobile planetarium visit as well provide information to share with the future visitors in order to minimise potential anxiety about attending a show. We welcome you feedback on the content of this pack. If you have learners with autism we also want to encourage you to visit The National Autistic Society website for more information:

From 2014 WonderDome Mobile Planetarium provides mobile space shows to hundreds of schools, scouts organisations, museums, private parties and many other local organisations across the UK.

WonderDome presenters are astronomy specialists and teachers who create and deliver interactive space shows in our inflatable space domes. Because of our unique expertise, our shows build with age and curriculum relevance in mind to provide fun and interactive space-related sessions. Our educational space science sessions meet the National Curriculum requirements for science programmes of study. The advanced presentation technology and embedded 360-degree full dome technology we are able to bring the wow factor experience to your setting.

Mobile Planetariums are particularly popular as a learning activity in the special needs schools because of the flexibility of its use and the context session adaptation. Our planetariums are spacious and wheelchair friendly and we can adapt our sessions to cater to visitors with autism and other needs.

Frequently asked questions

  1. I’ve read the information pack but I am still not sure what to expect. Can I have a look inside before the show?

 Yes, you can have a tour of the planetarium before the session!

  1. If I need a toilet during the show, can I pop outside and then come back?

 Absolutely! Let the presenter know and they will help you out!

  1. I don’t like loud noises. Can I still visit the planetarium?

Of course, you can! Our presenter can show you where the speaker is, just sit on the opposite side of the dome, it will be a bit quieter there! If it’s still too loud, ask the presenter for the ear defenders.

  1. I don’t like bright light. Can I still visit the planetarium?

 The brightest thing inside the space dome is the projector. If you sit on the

opposite side of the dome from where the projector is, you should be fine.



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