Life Groups

Fall Session 2018-Week 3

“Break the Choke Holds”

Connecting With God’s Family

Wrestlers are famous for their choke holds on each other. It is sometimes called “The sleeper”.

In honor of their great skill, please pick the wrestler that you most recognize or identify. Hulk

Hogan, Rick Flair, Andre The Giant, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Dwayne Johnson, or even Nacho Libre.

Please tell us why made your pick or you may have another wrestler of choice.

Growing to be like Jesus

Read Matt 13:23

As oxygen is to life, so is the Word of God to your spirit. Jesus taught His disciples that the cares of this world can choke out the effectiveness of God’s word. Can you name an experience in your life that you allowed the cares of the world to impact you in a negative way?

Read Luke 8:43-44

The lady with the issue of Blood was desperate to be healed. She didn’t let the crowd keep her from reaching out in faith. Do you have something in your life you would like Jesus to do? What faith act are you willing to do?

Read Matt. 9:23-25

Jesus arrived to the funeral, only to be greeted by the crowd ridiculing Him. He told them to get out, before He raised the girl from the dead. Why do you think He asked them to leave? Do you need something in your life removed to make room for more of Jesus?

Read John 16:33, Psalm 23:4 

Valleys are inevitable, impartial, unpredictable, temporary, but they do serve a purpose. Can you name a time in your life that you went through a valley, and you felt the help of God?

Read 1 Peter 1:6-7

Sorrow and sadness, tests and trials are a part of life. Can you name some of the purposes of the valleys of sorrow that you have gone through?

Read 1 Sam. 10:21-23

Samuel came to anoint Saul as the next King, but Saul was hiding himself in the luggage. God has an anointing for you, but many times you are hiding in the stuff. Are you ready for God’s anointing today? What steps can you take this week to get out of your stuff and live under God’s anointing?

“If you are choking on your life, let Jesus give you a new life to breathe”