Sports Activities

Q & A

Q: What does your child need to play?

 A: 1.) Online permission slip or  Download PDF Version

 2.) Purchase School insurance or provide a copy of the family's private health insurance card.

 3.) $25 yearly fee for all intramurals. $50 for travel teams.   $600 Family Cap (JHS-HS Combined).

 4.) Physical examination for travel teams. (Valid for 13 Months)

5.) Only X-Country and Track Click here for the On-Line Pre-Particpation Concussion Reporting Form

 Q: What is the school's away game policy?

 A: All Students must travel by school bus both to and from the game. Students may be released to either a parent, guardian, or grandparent. Any other person must be cleared by the school principal. Please contact the school principal at least one day before your child's scheduled game.


Spring Track -  sign ups start April 9 in Mr Caldarone’s room

Mr Caldarone

Blue Team

Miss Caron

Practice schedule:

4/23, 5/1, 5/2, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21

Meet Schedule:  3:30 start times

April 24 Wednesday at Silver Lake

May 08 Wednesday Old Rochester Home meet

May 15 Wednesday SSMSL Relays at Marshfield HS

May 22 Wednesday at Pembroke HS

May 28 Tuesday SSMSL Championships at Notre Dame-Hingham


Hosting Track meet Locations

Marshfield HS, 167 Forest Street, Marshfield

Silver Lake HS, 265 Pembroke St., Kingston

Abington MS/HS, 201 Gliniewicz Way, Abington

Whitman-Hanson HS, 600 Franklin St., Hanson

Silver Lake HS, 265 Pembroke St., Kingston

Old Rochester HS, 135 Marion Rd., Mattapoisett

Hanover HS, 287 Cedar St., Hanover

Marshfield HS, 167 Forest Street, Marshfield

Abington MS/HS, 201 Gliniewicz Way, Abington

Pembroke HS, 80 Learning Lane, Pembroke

Notre Dame Academy, 1073 Main St., Hingham


Field Hockey - Ms. O'Brien

Start date is Wednesday March 13, 2019

Dodgeball - Mrs. Horan


Start date is Feb 26- April 11, 2019



Old Rochester Varsity Head Coach

Jimmy Oliveira

Starts April 30


Old Rochester JHS Gymnasium



Intramural and athletic sign-ups will begin Tuesday, Sept 5. In the following classrooms:

Volleyball – Mrs. Horan – Gym -  Starts September 6 / Tuesday-Thursday until 10/24

Yoga – Mrs. Juvinall – red team room 101 - sessions begin Wed September 12

Ping Pong – Mr. Orie – purple team room 102 - Starts Wed September 12

*Ping Pong runs until 4:00 pm

Late buses are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3:30 pm

X-Country – sign up with Mr Jancaterino – Art Room at RTI  or Gymnasium

Coach Carroll

Coach Kuncik

Practices Tuesdays and Thursdays -

Wednesday Meet schedule:

September 26 Home 3:45 vs Hanover and PCIS

October 03 at Duxbury (HS)

October 10 at Pembroke (HS)

October 17 at Marshfield (MS-HS)

October 24 at PCIS 3:45

SSMSL League Championship

Tuesday October 30       Forge Park Hanover, MA

Click here for a full X-Country League Schedule

Away buses depart JHS at 2:15 pm

X-Country Coach

Mr Carroll :,

Mr Kuncik :,

Yoga  Instructor                  

Miss Juvinall :


Ping Pong   Coach        

Mr  Orie :


Volleyball Coach        

Mrs. Horan:

Please view OR JHS intramural and Athletic information below after the Middle School league meet information.

6th Annual South Shore Middle School League Invitational

Team Information Packet

  1. The South Shore Middle School League Invitational is scheduled for Tuesday October 30, 2018 at Forge Pond Park, King Street, Hanover.

* Please note this is a rain or shine event unless weather conditions, such as thunder or lightning,  present safety concerns. Should the event need to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, the coaches will do so by 12:00 Noon on Monday  October 29, 2018.

  1. Parking - Team Buses         

All buses will enter Forge Pond Park from King Street and take the first right into the drop off area - Lot A.  The parking lot will be labeled with a “Buses Enter Here” sign.  Please follow the traffic flow.  Runners should only exit the bus at the designated drop off area.  Team buses can not remain at Forge Pond Park during the Invitational due to limited parking. Alternative parking locations have been secured off site within ½ - 1 mile of the venue, if needed. Buses will follow the same traffic flow for departure at the close of the Invitational. All coaches and runners must board their bus in Lot A.   We kindly ask that a coach from the team have a cell phone number to reach their bus driver to alert when the team is ready to depart Forge Pond Park.

  1. Parking - Spectators (Update for 2018)

There is limited parking at Forge Pond Park (approximately 300 spaces) and we estimate the lots will be filled well before the race times.  Upon entering Forge Pond park, spectators will be directed to the furthest parking area (Lot E) until filled. Each lot will be filled in the same manner. Parking will be permitted in marked spaces ONLY! Police details will be onsite to direct traffic and volunteers will be available to assist parking.  Please note, any vehicle that is not parked in a designated space will be subject to a ticket.        

Handicap parking will be available in Lot B.

Once all parking spaces have been filled in Forge Pond Park, spectators will be directed to Hanover Middle School, 45 Whiting Street, where we will provide continuous shuttle buses to and from Forge Pond Park beginning at 2:00PM, running continuously throughout the event.  Once this lot is full, spectators will be directed to an overflow lot at Hanover High School where shuttle bus service will continue.

We encourage families to carpool and to utilize the shuttle service.  

Forge Pond Park will be closed to all incoming and outgoing traffic, with the exception of the shuttle buses, between 3:30PM - 5:30PM or until the last runner has safely passed the crossover points of the course to ensure the safety of our participants and spectators.  

Parking on King Street or neighboring streets will also not be allowed.

The complete shutdown of traffic in and out of the park is necessary to properly secure the crossover sections of the course. The decision, made in collaboration with the Hanover Police Department, will provide the best safety measures for all in attendance.

We recommend that spectators who do not plan to stay for the duration of the event park at the Hanover Middle School shuttle location.


  4.        Foot Traffic Crossover Points (New for 2018)

Two designated crossover lanes will be established to streamline the foot traffic from the team areas to the course. All runners, coaches and spectators are expected to use these designated areas to move between locations.  Lanes will be established at each end of the team areas, clearly marked and supported by a police detail.  

5.        Team Check In

A representative from each team should proceed to the Team Check In area located at Lot A.  The team representative will receive an envelope with all runners bibs, safety pins, map of the park and an event information sheet. Payments and Indemnification Forms will also be collected at the team check in. All teams will have a designated meeting area and will be directed by volunteers to those sites. We kindly ask that all runners NOT climb the fences surrounding the designated team areas. Thank you for your cooperation!

6.        Concession Stand

The concession stand, operated by Hanover Food Service, will be open throughout the event. Grab and go items include granola bars, snacks, candy and an assortment of drinks. Please note, the concession stand is CASH ONLY.

Runners are encouraged to bring water bottles. There will be water coolers and fresh fruit available for participants at the finish line.

7.        Bathroom Facilities

There are women’s & men’s rooms (handicap accessible) located at the Concession Stand.  In addition there will be porta potties on site for participants and spectators.         

8.        First Aid

Hanover EMS will be onsite for the duration of the event and our First Aid station will be staffed by Hanover Public Schools Registered Nurses.

9.        Timing

        Electronic timing will be provided through the use of bib chips and finish mats.

**Runners will be asked to keep a safe distance from the finish when

they are not racing, as the system may inadvertently pick up their bib  chip!!**

10.        2018 Race Schedule

        3:45 PM - 5/6 Girls Division Races (No team scoring - Unlimited runners)

        4:00 PM - 5/6 Boys Division Races (No team scoring - Unlimited runners)

        4:15 PM - 7/8 Girls Division Races (No team scoring - Unlimited runners)

        4:30 PM - 7/8 Boys Division Races (No team scoring - Unlimited runners)

4:45 PM - Girls Championship Race (Max of 7 runners to line - 5 needed to score)

        5:00 PM - Boys Championship Race (Max of 7 runners to line - 5 needed to score)


 ***Please note these are approximate times and we will do our best to stay on schedule.***

11.         Coaches Meeting 


There will be a coaches meeting at 3:30PM at the Team Check In area.  Please have one coach per team in attendance.

12.        Course 

1.7 miles - Primarily a loop course around the Forge Pond Park complex. Includes a small bog loop and grass, gravel, and pavement running surfaces throughout.

Directional signs and course guides will be provided. Forge Pond Park is an open space area and is spectator-friendly.

* Please note the Hanover Police Department does have a firing range located north west of Forge Pond Park. It is not uncommon to hear active

exercises in the distance but please be assured that there is no danger for the runners or spectators.*

13.        Awards

            5th/6th Grade Girls - Top 10 Finishers

5th/6th Grade Boys - Top 10 Finishers

7th/8th Grade Girls - Top 20 Finishers

7th/8th Grade Boys - Top 20  Finishers

Girls Championship - Top 20 Finishers/1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Teams

Boys Championship - Top 20 Finishers/1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Teams

Coaches ONLY - please pick up individual awards envelopes at the awards tent just prior to departure.  Please DO NOT request awards during the event and please DO NOT send runners to the awards tent at any time during the event.  Our staff at this area cannot answer questions regarding awards during the event and WILL NOT distribute any awards until the event’s conclusion.  Thank you for your cooperation.

I will be announcing and presenting team awards at the conclusion of the championship races.

14.         Park Clean Up

We respectfully ask that you leave the area in the same condition as your arrival. Trash cans and recycle bins will be available throughout the park. We appreciate your cooperation in helping keep our public open space clean.

15.         2018 SSMSL Invitational Shirts 

Long Sleeve SSMSL Invitational Shirts will be available for purchase for $15 each. A preorder link is provided below:

6th Annual SSMSL Invitational Shirt Order Form

Payments may be made by cash or check payable to the Town of Hanover.  Credit Card payments will also be accepted at onsite pick up by MasterCard, Discover and American Express only.

SSMSL Invitational Shirt Samples

16.         Financial Update

Thank you for your participation in the South Shore Middle School League.  The experience that you have provided through your efforts as coaches has been extraordinary.  With a venture of this size, there are many expenses incurred in our effort to provide the best possible experience for all participants. Collectively, as a league, some expenses should be shared. Recognizing that not all school districts have the same infrastructure in place to support these initiatives, we ask that you do what you can to support the league monetarily. As we continue to expand, it may likely become necessary to institute a league fee to support these shared expenses.  

A portion of each bib entry fee of $6.00 will be used to offset the total costs of the event.  An invoice and indemnification form will be emailed to the coach after rosters are submitted online at DirectAthletics. Please remit payment on the day of the Invitational (cash, check or copy of signed Purchase Order) or before the event to the address below:

Meg McEvoy-Duane, Office Manager

Office of Family & Community Engagement

Hanover Public Schools

188 Broadway

Hanover Ma 02339

All checks should be made payable to the Town of Hanover.  

If you have any administrative questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Lawrence at

Thank you for your continued support of the SSMSL.

Your efforts make a difference for hundreds of students and families across the South Shore.

Questions see Mr Jancaterino in Art Room during RTI time or in the Gym

Online Permission Slip