The Rather Scared Hare

by Duncan Jones

There once was a hare

Who loved to run races

Even more than the others, so fast

Not once did he ever

Come in place second

Much less ever come in place last

It seems that running

Was all he would do

It became an obsession of sorts

And soon he was running

All hours all day

No time for the other hare sports

“My my!” Some would say

As he passed in a flash

He would come and go dashing on by

“If that boy doesn’t learn

To let up or slow down

Who knows? He might take off and fly!”

None of them knew

Why so much he would run

But they knew he could not run forever

Well of course it was true

One day he collapsed

Right next to a hare rather clever

”I’ve got to keep going!”

He said with a gasp

“They’re chasing me! Catching me! Help!

I can’t get away!

The footsteps are close!”

He looked quite afraid for himself

So a crowd came to see

From the birds to the bees

All amazed, not one said a word

And then all of a sudden

They shivered, looked ‘round

As invisible footsteps were heard

But the footsteps behind

Had he stopped he would find

Were simply his own on the ground

“Well I do declare!”

Said the clever hare there

“This boy just out­­ran his own sound!”