2018 ISSEA STEM Hovercraft Challenge

Engineering Design and Documentation Instructions

Purpose: To ensure ISSEA STEM Hovercraft teams have an age appropriate knowledge of the science and engineering principles that underlie an electrically powered hovercraft. This is intended to be accessible to all students in the competition, with only minor differences due to work that might be “above and beyond”. In other words, teams should get full scores by basically completing the tasks.

Differences between grade 6-9 and 10-12: The only difference will be the types of variables analyzed in EDD Part 4, aspects in EDD Parts 1 - 3 will be not be differentiated for grade level.

EDD Part 1: Draw an electrical schematic for your final vehicle using proper electrical symbols.

EDD Part 2: Construct a timeline, with approximate dates, of your design process. You may use the PowerPoint template provided on the ISSEA STEM site. The timeline itself should not include extensive notes, rather just two or three word descriptions such as: “got parts”, “powered motors”, “batteries failed”, “broke propeller”, “design 1 fail”, etc. A following page can give a one sentence description of those labels that need more of a description, or you can use a different format and put it all together. The point is simply to show how your team worked to overcome a number of challenges in your design process. This is not meant to be difficult or time consuming for teams.

EDD Part 3: In approximately 300 words or less, describe two significant design changes (150 words each), give the reasons for each abandonment, or change, and describe how you went forward and what you learned from the “failure”. A labeled drawing might help with your communication.

EDD Part 4: Collect and analyze data as needed to complete the following task (note: the oldest person in the design team will determine the grade of the team).

The EDD is due at the time of impound.

Maximum Total ES Score from the EDD           = Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 + Part 4

Total 50 =   10     +    10   +    10    +    20