BDGA Course Enquiry Policy

When enquiries about new course installations are directed to the BDGA, the following procedure shall be followed.

1. Such enquiries will normally be handled by the Secretary or the National Director.

2. A timely reply will be made to inform the enquirer that the BDGA maintains a list of Recognised DG companies (RDGCs), and that they have a choice of:

2.1 Having the RDGCs’ contact details forwarded to them, to enable them to make their own approach, or;

2.2 Having their enquiry forwarded by us to the RDGCs.

3. A register will be kept of what action was taken.

4. The list of RDGCs (for course installation) is maintained by the BDGA Board and currently stands as follows:

Disc Golf Park - Chris O’Brien

Disc Golf UK - Rich Hatton

DiscZoo - Nige Williams

Launch Disc Golf - Dan Whiteman

Reboot Disc Golf - Seamus Scanlon

5. Any company wishing to be added to the list of RDGCs should contact the BDGA Board.

6. Any company may be removed from the list of RDGCs if they are found to be acting contrary to the aims of the BDGA.

Last revised Aug 2018