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Board Meeting February 8th, 2022

  1.   Call to Order: 6:13pm Ed Gaede
  2.   Invocation: Dan Schaffer
  3.   Pledge of Allegiance: Ed Gaede
  4.   Roll Call: Mayde Hurley, Karen Lopeteguy, Ed Gaede, Walter Grainger, Kathleen Schaffer, Dan Schaffer, Paul Burzychp, David Williams, Wendy Ward, Rebecca Hernandez
  5.   Introduction of guest(s): Rebecca Hernandez – Help with volunteers
  6.   Motions to approve January 11th, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes / Vote: Ed Gaede opened floor for motion to vote - 1st Kathleen Schaffer 2nd Karen Lopeteguy, All in Favor  - No Nays      
  7.   January 2022 Financial Report / Motions to Approve / Vote: Karen Lopeteguy reviewed January 2022 Financials. Ed opened the floor for motion to vote – 1st Dan Schaffer 2nd Paul Burzychp
  8.   Action Items from old business
  1.  New Business

From: Marc Sandall <>
Date: February 8, 2022 at 2:30:51 PM PST
To: Ed G <>
Subject: Re: List of presentations

Good afternoon Ed snd board members,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for making you uncomfortable as per my asking questions to snd about David’s business. Just wanted to make sure your selection was the appropriate one. 

Secondly, because I’ve used every waking moment to pound the pavement for our sponsorship opportunities to raise monies for the memorial, I will not be attending tonight’s meeting. 

Here’s a detailed reason why;

My graveyard shifts end at 4,5, and 6 AM everyday. When I hit the pillow, I usually try snd get around 5 hours of sleep then I get up snd hit the ground running. Because of the fact that our baseball program at BHS as taken a hit due to coaching assignments that were filled and now not, because two had to now work 15 hour days, I had to take the Frosh/Soph team. There were only two coaches for two teams as I said earlier that I was taking time away to concentrate on getting sponsors. After practice I sleep then eat snd go back to work. Rinse snd repeat. So there you have my schedule as I will be sleeping during this meeting and for awhile future meetings. I will send a list of who I’ve given information to before meeting after practice today. 

So, as to not look like I’m bailing out on the meetings, I’ve explained thoroughly. 

Oh by the way, I’ve had a few people express to me that the quality of paper that info is printed on should be of a higher quality. 

Thank you,


Ed Gaede stated: “I’m taking that as Mr. Marc Sandall’s resignation. So I went and spoke with Wendy Ward to step in and would like to bring it to the board to vote her in as Vice President.

Wendy Ward stated: I would like to open it to other members that have been here longer

Ed Gaede opened floor for motion: 1st Ed Gaede 2nd Dan Schaffer

      10.  New ideas / Upcoming Events / Future Committee Meetings: Paul Burzychp opened floor for motion to vote David Williams as lead of design on images on black granite. Mayde Hurley suggested WWII Veteran Walter Grainger and other WWII Veterans that experienced the War.

      11.  Adjourn Meeting / Next board meeting Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 6pm: Adjourned at 7:43pm by Ed Gaede

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