1. Every effort shall be made to encourage all students to complete their educational experience, including the award of the Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School diploma.

  1. No student sixteen years of age or older shall be considered to have permanently left public school unless the principal of the school which such student last attended has sent a notice within a period of ten (10) days from the student’s fifteenth (15th) consecutive absence to the parent or guardian of such student in both the primary language of such parent and guardian and English, stating that such student and his parent or guardian may meet with the school committee or its designated representatives prior to the student permanently leaving school, within ten (10) days after the sending of the notice.

  1. The time for meeting may be extended at the request of the parent or guardian and with the consent of the school committee or its designated representatives, provided no extension shall be for longer than fourteen (14) days.

  1. Such meeting shall be for the purpose of discussing  the reasons for the student permanently leaving school and alternative educational or other placements.

  1. The provisions of this policy shall not apply to a student who has completed the regular course of education, or apply to a student whose absences have been excused, nor shall this policy be construed to permanently exclude a student who wishes to resume his/her education.

M.G.L. References:        

M.G.L. 76:18 – Notice Required Prior to Student’s Withdrawal

Adopted: November 6, 2003

Reviewed: May 21, 2012