Job Title:                 Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant

Reports to:                Practice Manager

Requirements:        High School Diploma or equivalent and either additional certification/education or work history in the veterinary field for Assistants, Technicians must be licensed or certified by a state.

Summary of position:        

Veterinary assistants must be friendly, professional, and courteous, and capable of handling many tasks at once with many interruptions without becoming frustrated.  The veterinary assistant must be calm even when clients are upset, when it is very busy, or in the face of an emergency.  Veterinary assistants should greet clients and pets by their name and make them feel welcome.  This position requires good computer skills, good math skills, and attention to detail. Veterinary assistants must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, and work history in the veterinary field.  Technicians must be certified or licensed by a state.  


Veterinary assistants and technicians report to the Technical Team Supervisor and Practice Manager.

I acknowledge that I have read this job description and agree that I am capable of performing all of the above mentioned job duties.  I understand whom I report to and my objectives.  I attest to the fact that I possess the attributes listed above which are necessary to fulfill the requirements of my position.

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