Gateway Regional High School

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Room 506 7&8


Holly Bush and Kyle Reim


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856 848-8200

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Google classroom codes

ELA -jfzskc

Science- vlz3r7l

SS- l1oasba

Math- w7n3uus

Course Description-  

Students in room 506 work on academic subjects as well as community based instruction.  Our curriculum is based on NJ Common Core middle school standards and is aligned with the mainstream.  

The materials used in each subject area are as follows:

English/Reading Fusion Reading, novels

Math- IXL, Positive Learning, and Glencoe math

Social Studies- Discovering Our Past:  A History of the United States

Science- Glencoe Integrated Science

Community Based Instruction-  This class focuses on exposing students to “real life experiences” in the community.  Community outings provide the students with hands on learning opportunities.  Our students will participate in a variety of outings, such as shopping trips, taking public transportation, service and sales projects.


Course Expectations and Assessments

Grading - All work is weighted equally and recorded in Powerschool under the category, Assessments.

Course Policies 

Homework is not assigned on a regular basis.  Homework will be provided in reading and math if requested.  As per Gateway’s homework policy, homework is not graded.

All students are expected to complete their assignments.  Modification of assignments will be made on an individual basis.


Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Due to the unique needs of the students in the our classroom, behavioral expectations are individualized, however, we do have individual and class plans.  

Behavior Plans

Individual Behavior Plan-  Each student has a chart on his/her desk.  Stickers are given for work completion, positive interactions with classmates, getting to their seats on time, and any other positive behavior that needs reinforcement.  When a student completes his/her chart they may choose a prize from the prize box. When a student has completed 10 charts he/she receives a $5.00 gift card of their choice. If the student fills 25 charts, he/she receives a $10.00 gift card of their choice.

Class Behavior Plan- The class has a marble jar.  When all of the students are working or following directions, a marble is but in a jar for each student.  When the class reaches the designated number a reward is given.