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COVID Resources/Interventions for WHHS Students & Parents 10.12.20
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MR. JAMES CHAVIS, Assistant Principal

MRS. SHELLY MANNS, Assistant Principal

DR.  PAMELA WHITE, Assistant Principal

2550 Greensburg Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 412-244-1100 412-242-2344(Fax)

Resources for Students & Parents


2020-2021 Bell Schedule:  click here

2020-2021 District Calendar:   click here


Resources for Students:

  1. At-Risk list for quality/participation (current list has 570 students). Continue to monitor and make attempts to reach parents/guardians/students.

Everyone on the At-Risk was mailed a letter outlying the academic concerns and academic supports.

Contact Social Worker, Ms. Irwin (9th & 11th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5131

Contact Social Worker, Ms. Snyder (10th & 12th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5136


  1. Senior GPA list- Contacting all parents/guardians of seniors that have under a 2.3 GPA.  Mailed progress reports to ALL students who were under a 2.3 the date of progress reports.

Contact Counselor, Ms. Weaver (10th and 12th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5138

or Social Worker, Ms. Snyder (10th & 12th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5136


  1. Community Hub lists being posted/told to/sent to families



  1. After-school tutoring from 2:30-3:30



  1. LGBTQ+ Group hosted by Heinz Fellow Dakota

Visit or Contact Heinz Fellow, Dakota Garilli, at   


  1. Virtual HUB classrooms ran by us and Heinz fellows to help provide extra support for struggling students

Contact Heinz fellow Dakota Garilli, at   or Jasmine Howard at


  1. SAP referrals – D&A, familial issues, MH, so on

Contact Social Worker, Ms. Irwin (9th & 11th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5131

or contact Social Worker, Ms. Snyder (10th & 12th) at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5136


  1. Family Links referrals – MH/therapy

Visit to learn more and ask one of the social workers to help complete a referral if you are interested


  1. Student check in survey and follow up created by Ms. Manns

Contact Assistant Principal, Ms. Manns at or 412-244-1100 ext. 5124

  1. Pitt Graduate Social Work intern, Ms. Kaylee Girdwood, is making additional call attempts to families that we are unable to get in contact with/ families that needed a follow up check in

Contact Kaylee Girdwood at

  1. Continued distribution of laptops and hotspots for students experiencing difficulty or without internet access


  1. First Quarter Progress report distribution for students below a 2.3 GPA September 30 - Students with <= 2.2 GPA will have reports mailed


  1. Grab and Go Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  1. Open House 9/24/2020

  1. Parent Teacher Conferences scheduled for November 2, 2020.

  1. Grade Level Assemblies to re-enforce VI Expectations.

        Motivational Speak Mr. Devante Butler supplied moral support to the students.

        Working to start a Virtual support group for students.

  1.  SAT Registration Workshop 9/24/20

        Virtual College Application Workshop 10/6/20

  1. Upcoming College & Career Center Events

 Virtual College Information Sessions - Ongoing

         Scholarship Information - Ongoing

         Instant Decision Day, Clarion University 11/12/20

         Parent Financial Aid & College Application Workshops - TBA

  1.   College  & Career Services / Guidance Website


20.  Trauma Support Resources

               H.O.O.P., Helping Out Our People

       Jess DeTorre/Jullian Turner




Kristen Michaels

21.  Violence Interrupters / Cure Violence   +14124654995

Resources for Parents: