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  1. DATE
  1. The District 8 Athletic Association Boys’ Slo Pitch schedule shall be played in the months May to June unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.

  1. The locations of the regular season and play-off games shall be determined by available facilities.
  2. The locations of the games shall be as they appear in the District 8 Sports Schedule unless extraordinary circumstances dictate a change.

  1. There will be two (2) competitive divisions: Boys & Girls

  1. The league structure will be determined based on the number of teams participating in any given year and shall be organized by the athletic coordinator and the sport convenor.
  2. Game results are the responsibility of the home team.
  3. The home team is responsible for preparing the diamond.
  4. Single games will begin at 3:30pm and no new full inning can begin after 4:45pm. Double header games will begin at 1:00pm and no new full inning can begin after 3:15pm with the second game beginning at 3:30pm.

  1. The playoffs shall consist of at least a semi-final round and championship final round which will take place on the same day. A final playoff format will determined prior to season play commencing by the District 8 Board of Directors and/or Seasonal Committee.
  2. A team that forfeits a league game is required to make direct contact with the convenor and the Athletic Coordinator a minimum of 24 hours before game time. A team that forfeits 2 or more league games will be automatically withdrawn from the League play-offs.
  3. If a team forfeits a game or games, and if that team is tied with other teams at the end of the schedule, then that team would be relegated to the lower standing between the teams tied
  4. Tie-breaking procedures in final standings if two (2) teams are tied:
  1. Head to head record of the tied teams against each other
  2. If still tied the runs scored for/against tied teams
  3. If still tied the record against higher ranked teams
  4. If still tied, the runs scored for/against higher ranked teams
  5. If still tied, a coin flip will decide position
  1. If there is a tie between 3 teams or more:
  1. A clear winner will be established using 5.4, and placed in the standing, and then the process starts over with the remaining tied teams.
  1. Semi Finals

1st place vs 4th place

3rd place vs 2nd place

  1. Finals

Winner Semi Final 2 vs Winner Semi Final 1

  1. Expenses and finances of the league will be dictated as per District 8 Athletic Association “By Law Article VII”. Please refer to this for further information.

  1. Each competitor must be eligible under all the rules and regulations outlined in the District 8 Athletic Association Constitution and By-Laws. Schools and coaches should review the eligibility requirements listed in the constitution including the following highlights:
  1. Is certified as eligible by the Principal of the school and is in grades 9-12  (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 2) 
  2. No school shall include in its line-up any student who has been registered as a transfer from another school within the previous 12 months unless deemed eligible by the District 8 Transfer Appeals Committee. (District 8 Constitution: Article IX: Player Eligibility, Section 7)
  1. A player, to qualify for a play-off game, must have played in one (1) of the regular league games.

  1. A team’s eligibility list must be received by the convenor prior to the first league game
  2. Coaches may make additions to the eligibility list during the season.

  1. The official rulebook governing play during the District 8 schedule shall be the Slo Pitch Ontario rulebook.
  2. Exceptions to the rule book are as follows:
  1. Baselines to be 65 feet in length for boys and 60 feet in length for girls where possible.
  2. For boys, distance from pitcher’s line to the front of the home plate to be 50 feet. Maximum distance pitcher may go behind this line is 5 feet The pitch must be released with one foot between 50 and 55 feet. For girls, distance from pitcher’s line to the front of the home plate to be 40 feet. Maximum distance pitcher may go behind this line is 5 feet The pitch must be released with one foot between 40 and 45 feet.
  3. A commitment line will be drawn 21 feet from home plate intersecting the 3rd base line. If a runner touches or crosses that line during play, he must commit to home plate.
  4. A safe line will be drawn from the front corner of home plate to the screen. A runner scores when any part of their front foot crosses or touches the ground on or past the diagonal line. If the runner touches home plate they are out. For all plays at home plate, the defensive team must touch home plate to record an out. Runners cannot be tagged once they’ve crossed the commit line. If they are tagged, they are deemed safe.
  5. A team must have at least 8 players present at game time. If a team does not have 8 players a 10 minute grace period will be granted. If 8 players are still not present at the end of the grace period that team will default.
  6. A team must have an original batting order of a min of ten (10) players. A team may have an original batting order of less than 10 players, but each player less than 10 will count as an automatic out which can be positioned anywhere in the batting order at the coach's discretion. It is the coach's responsibility to inform the umpire of when these outs are due up.
  7. In addition to the minimum ten (10) player batting order, a team also has the option of having five (5) substitute players to use throughout the game. These five (5) players will be listed under the original batting order and be provided to the opposition before the start of the game. Any player in the original batting order may be replaced during any stoppage of play with a listed substitute player not already in the original batting order. Each starting player may re-enter the game once in their same position in the original batting order. There are a maximum of five (5) substitutions available per game. Substituted players may not re-enter a game once removed. A team may have an original batting order of less than 10 players, but they may not then include any substitutes.
  8. A player who arrives after the start of a game may be added to the bottom of the batting order.
  9. If a player must leave prior to the end of the game he may be removed from the score sheet without consequence to the team unless this would result in less than eight (8) players in the batting order.
  10. Following an over the fence home run, the batter and all base runners return directly to the dugout without running the bases.
  11. Any regular season game that ends in a tie will remain a tie.
  12. Over the fence home runs will follow a “plus two” format. One team cannot have more than two (2) over the fence homeruns than the other team at any point in the game. If a third over the fence homerun is hit, it will be counted as walk. Runners only move up if forced to.
  13. A pitch must be thrown underhand with a minimum arc height of 6 feet and a maximum of 12 feet. Any pitch not conforming will be declared by the umpire as a “No Pitch” and may be hit by batter or declared a “ball” if the batter doesn’t swing.
  14. A third strike foul ball produces an automatic out to the batter however, the ball is alive if caught in the air in foul territory and the runners may advance at their own risk.
  15. There will be a 5 run mercy rule per inning, except for the final inning which is open. Any game with a run differential of 15 after 5 innings will trigger the mercy rule.
  16. Pitcher shall have 1 warm up pitch after 1st inning, unless the pitcher is entering the game for the first time.
  1. The convenor shall be responsible for obtaining competent umpires, preferably officials who are members of an approved board.
  2. The home team will be the official scorekeepers.
  3. A team may use a maximum of three (3) courtesy runners per game. The courtesy runner can be any original roster player. They must be announced to the umpire before entering the field. If the courtesy runner is due up to bat while on base, they may be replaced, and the team will be charged an ADDITIONAL courtesy runner (of the allotted 3).

  1. The home team shall be responsible to supply home plate, first base double safety bag and other appropriate bases.
  2. Home plate shall be two (2) feet wide by three (3) feet deep. Plywood is suggested.
  3. The home team will provide a brand new Worth 12” (Boys) or 11” (Girls) core40 (green dot) softball to be used as the official game ball. A slightly used ball will also be provided for the spare ball.
  4. Chin straps must be worn and fastened. A warning will be issued to the offending team, and then further infractions will be an out for that offending team. Student coached must wear helmets when coaching the bases.
  5. Catchers must wear shin protectors, chest protector and a mask with throat protector. Catchers is to wear suitable pelvic area protection.
  6. Pitchers must wear a mask when pitching.
  7. Shoes may not have metal cleats. Cleats must be removed in order to continue play.
  8. No jewelry shall be worn by anyone on the playing field. A warning will be given to the offending, offensive team. No one called out. Jewelry which cannot be removed, shall be covered or taped down. Medic alert bracelets are NOT considered jewelry and should not be taped over.
  9. Minimum uniform will be identical shirts.
  10. The league shall follow SPO rules for illegal bats. Coaches should viewwww.slopitch.org to view the approved bat list. Coaches must have all team bats lined up along fence for umpires to inspect before the game begins. Any batter using an illegal bat in the game will be called out. If a player is caught using an illegal bat a second time, player is out and is automatically ejected.

  1. District 8 will provide championship awards as per District 8 Athletic Association “By-Law VII”.

  1. No team representative can video a practice other than the practices they are participating in. Team representatives videoing games/matches they are not participating in must,
  1. Only use the video captured for team use, and not posted externally
  2. Only be taken by school staff members or school adult volunteers approved by the school’s administration

  1. A staff member from each school represented must be present and responsible for the behavior of his/her students.
  2. No chewing tobacco shall be allowed during games.

  1. It is the responsibility of each coach to provide for his/her own team medical needs in accordance with his/her School Medical Regulations.
  2. Coaches shall provide all consumable medical supplies for their athletes.
  3. Each school must have a First Aid Kit on site during competition.
  4. Each school should have a safety procedure to follow and there should be access to a telephone for emergency use.
  5. It is the home team’s responsibility to provide a location of safe refuge in the event of lightning/thunder. In the event of lightning/thunder, the following will be done:
  1. Seek shelter immediately (school, building or vehicle) ‘IF YOU SEE IT, FLEE IT; IF YOU HEAR IT, CLEAR IT’
  2. Resumption of the Activity: Wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last visual observation of lightning or sound of thunder before resuming activities.
  3. Injured persons do not carry an electrical charge and can be handled safely. Call 911 or send for help immediately. Apply first aid procedures if you are qualified to do so.(Unsafe Shelter includes: all outdoor metal objects ( e.g., football standards), near flagpoles, fences and gates, near light poles, metal bleachers, golf carts, machinery, trees, etc. Avoid water pooled water, open fields, and high ground)

  1. The procedure for all protests, complaints, and suspensions is outlined in Bylaw IV of the District 8 By-laws.

  1. The training and competitive season for slo pitch shall be from March 1 to the District 8, CWOSSA or OFSAA tournament.

  1. There will be one (1) pre-season meeting held prior to the start of the regular season.
  2. There will be one (1) post-season meeting held before the end of June.
  3. Voting at the slo pitch meetings will be limited to one(1) vote per team entered. Representatives must be present at the meeting to vote. Voting by proxy will not be permitted.
  4. A simple majority of votes will rule.
  5. All changes to the Rules & Regulations must be ratified by the Board of Directors.

District 8 Slo-Pitch (Boys/Girls) - Playing Rules And Regulations

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