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Accessing the Security Awareness Training Modules (Mandatory)
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Mandatory Security Awareness Training

Module 2 of the mandatory Cyber Security Awareness Training is to be completed by Sept 9th.  The training module is available in eBase and staff will be tracked for completion.

The training is titled “Security Awareness Training” and is broken into three modules.  Module 2 will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Accessing the Training in eBase:

  1. Go to the OCDSB website.
  2. Click on Staff Portal.
  3. If prompted, enter your OCDSB email address and password.
  4. Click the ADMINISTRATION button.
  5. Under Admin Apps select eBase.

  1. Enter your OCDSB email address, and then enter your OCDSB password.
  2. Click on the Safe Workplace symbol to open the available training.

  3. Click on Security Awareness Training - Module 2 to begin the training.

Need Help?

Inquiries regarding eBase should be directed to:

If you are unable to log into eBase, please contact the Client Service Centre (CSC) in B&LT.

Ways to Contact CSC:

  1. Go to Google Meet and type TEAM-CSC to connect with a CSC representative OR
  2. Phone 613-596-8273

Other Options:

  1. Send an email to OR
  2. Create a Service Request in the IT Support Portal (View instructions)

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Accessing the Security Awareness Training Modules (Mandatory)

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